SDR is a brand strategy agency leader in the
fur sector
that provides integrated
communication to the fashion world.


I am specialized in the fur
and digital sector.

/I have transformed by passion into my work

  • Expert in the fur sector
  • I founded and have managed SDR since 2012
  • Grazia Arabia Qatar IT-Girl
The agency SDR enjoys the strong brand awareness of its founder published in more than 200 magazines, who is very well-known in the fur sector for her work in fur and fashion.

I was born in Turin but I live in Milan
and I am 33 years old.
I help fashion and fur brands to improve their communication strategies
and to develop collections in fur.

  • In 2012 I started opening a blog the only independent blog in the world dedicated to the fur sector
  • Over the years the blog has become leader
  • The blog started to create a community of niche users passionate about the sector and operators in fur and fashion
  • The blog converts followers into clients of our agency
  • In 2017 we evolved into a brand strategy agency specialized in the fur, fashion and luxury sectors

I have a real passion for furs. I have always worked in the fashion world, liaising with the biggest fashion and luxury players thanks to my specialization in the fur sector. I have obtained prestigious diplomas from Saga Furs and Kopenhagen Fur.

“I am one of the few in the world that has this type of specialization in the fur, digital and fashion sectors.  The union of these three specializations, in particular the first, allows me to have a global vision and create strategies that provide efficient solutions to facilitate production and communication processes.”

At a young age I created the first independent website in the world dedicated to the fur sector: Through the site I have collaborated with leading companies in this sector and I have developed an enormous network composed of hundreds of thousands of users passionate about fur and professionals. Fashion and fur brands, producers, breeders, skin brokers, tanneries, fairs, companies and skin auction houses are all part of this network.

Through the blog in 2016 I opened a brand strategy agency in the sector in which I am leader through which I offer services to the fur and fashion / luxury world. I started working straight away with many high-level brands, including Kopenhagen Fur. I have always been passionate about Web Marketing since the beginning of my blog that I have developed independently thanks to my passion for IT in fact over the years I have developed excellent knowledge in using a lot of software and web marketing strategies.

Today, thanks to my Business Partner Matteo Volta and our team of specialists, we are creating and improving synergy between users and brands with Instagram and Facebook. SDR offers marketing and integrated communication services, collaborates with fashion brands, furriers, Press Offices and some magazines like Grazia Arabia Qatar for which I have been IT Girl since 2017. I am invited to the fashion weeks of New York, London, Milan, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai . All this fuels my passion for fashion and helps increase my experience in the sector.

What you have read is the “institutional” story of my career help to do your homeworkyou can read the more interesting one, full of sacrifices and great satisfactions.




In Fur And Fashion we can

  • Support fashion brands in improving collection development with fur analysing the quality of the furs, the production and the costs
  • Provide information on the traceability of the skins, sustainability, certifications, regulations and Welfur.
  • Provide information on fur farmers, types of tanneries and tanning
  • Advise the best suppliers of furs in Italy, Greece, Turkey or wherever the brand needs even online
  • Advise the best producers of furs and leather products in Italy or abroad both for productions of large quantities and for single samples
  • Advise the best fur designer / producer invece di CRAFTSMEN able to use innovative techniques like laser cuts, weaves, intarsia or inlays with other types of materials
  • Advise which skins to buy and where based on the budget and the type of target / market to hit
  • Dealing agreements with Fur Auction Houses like Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Fur, Nafa, Fur Harvester, Sojuzpushnina and relative brokers
  • Support the brand in creating and setting up positioning strategies for the label in the market of interest through strategic marketing activities
  • Provide consultation for co-branding projects with department stores, influential boutiques, online shops, influencers and socialites mainly in the fashion capitals of New York, London, Milan, Paris and in Qatar
  • Increase brand awareness through traditional and strategic marketing actions offline and digital
  • Advise which sector fairs to participate in
  • Help to find a multi-label showroom in the fashion capitals like Milan, London, New York and Paris and a distribution showroom

You will have the possibility to work with us as a global point of reference for fashion in the fur sector

We offer the best solutions in order to create a real community to which you can sell your own products and/or services by creating images, photos, viral contents, landing pages, Facebook and instagram ads, in order to convert, acquire and keep the community active.

We are about to become an official partner of Facebook - at the moment our Partners are Americans and official partners of Facebook - our team of Graphic Designers, Photographers, Social Media Managers and It-people are able to come up with campaigns and manage Instagram profiles like no one has done before. Among our clients we have Fashion Brands, Furriers, Press Offices, Fairs, Magazines, Associations, Politicians and Department Stores.


  • Instagram and Facebook management
  • Community creation
  • growth strategy with the increasing brand awareness goal
  • creation of videos and photos contents
  • creation of viral contents
  • creation of Instagram and Facebook Editorial Plans
  • Instagram and Facebook ads
  • Copywriting (creative and persuasive seo)

I am Matteo Volta I am 43 years old and I am in love with my work. I started working in the photography field at the age of 15 immediately dedicating myself to the fashion sector. After an experience of one year in New York as assistant to Patrick Demarchelier, one of the most important photographers in the world I decided to move to Milan where I immediately started shooting for the most influential magazines of the sector like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire. Portraits have always been my biggest passion and my work gave me the possibility to be photographer for actors, rock stars and celebrities like Paris Hilton, Rihanna, John Malcovitch, Daphne Guinness and many others.

I am official photographer for Dior, Louis Vuitton, Loewe and the most important fashion brands. Personal photographer of the Tronchetti Provera, Tomba and Branca families. Shot for Elle, Marie Claire, Le Figaro, Harpers Bazaar. My photos of close-ups during the shows are appreciated and recognized all over the world as the best. In Milan I came into contact with catwalk show photography. For ten years I have collaborated with the biggest agency in the world in this field: ImaxTree. I have the possibility to dedicate myself to what I love most, photographing Samantha, who I work with and for whom I manage resources and activities connected to integrated communication. The digital world has opened many doors for me, thanks to my passion Web Marketing I have been able to acquire and convert my followers into clients: today friends.




Why we are different from all
other agencies:

For what in we believe

We will not accept everyone

You will not choose someone

For us money doesn’t make the difference