Samantha De Reviziis – my name and surname sound foreign but I am 100% Italian. You can call me as you prefer Sam, Sami, Samy or Samantha

Ciao! Welcome to Samantha de Reviziis, a site dedicated to my experiences in the world of fashion, luxury and more. 

Here we will talk of:

  • Personal Experiences in the blog section you will find posts full of photos through which I try to reflect my romantic, dreamy style.
  • Instagram Marketing I wrote a free guide, one of the most complete available on the web, on how toget more followers on Instagram and I also founded a web agency dedicated to managingInstagram accounts of the fashion and luxury sector  Instasamy.com
  • Fashion Marketing posts useful for brands that are interested in improving their brand awareness

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Ciao =) I am Samantha laying on the floor of my office @samanthadereviziis add me on Ig

Who is Samantha

Let me introduce myself better, I am Samantha De Reviziis, I am thirty, I am from Turin and at the moment I live between Milan and Doha and a bit around the world. I am a workaholic multitasking with many passions. And I have transformed part of these passions into my work =)

Yes, I know what you are thinking: the classic daddy’s girl that has money and opens a company. This is not my case.

I have a difficult past behind me: my family was united and very well-off, but one day I found myself without money, with parents or friends. It was a nightmare but I was able to turn something negative and dramatic into a strength. Today I am living in a fairy tale, full of sacrifices, certainly, but I do what I love.

 The web has opened many doors for me

My experiences taught me to change negative energy into positive energy.

Habits that were damaging and limiting became strengths.

From nothing, without a penny to my name, I managed to attend schools, specialize in what I liked most and turn my passions into my work. I have been working since I was 16 years old.

I have learned to dance in the rain. Low moments just make me stronger. If you try to push me down I spring back stronger…

You always have to believe in yourself. Even when no one believes in you. Nothing is impossible. Your mind can do anything you want to do. Be humble but ambitious. These are my theories (not just mine) but in my small world they have proven themselves to be true.

fashion marketing samantha de reviziis aboutWhat do I deal with?

I deal with what I love most. I have turned my passions into my work.

  • I have a company that deals with web marketing: precisely I have founded a unique, niche blog, the first in the world that offers services to the b2b fashion sector. It’s an international blog that has allowed me to travel all over the world. I opened it doing regional courses to become an entrepreneur and then getting a loan.  After having built it up I decided to concede it to a great leading company sector.

  • I am social media editor for Grazia Arabia the most loved fashion magazine in the Arab world produced in Qatar in Instagram accounts.


  • Instagram Marketing: I have launched a project connected to Instagram with other partner web marketers. [Instasamy.com] We offer services connected to Instagram mainly to the world of fashion and luxury. We help brands to grow on Instagram and also monetize the contents.  Instasamy is the startup that is giving me the most satisfaction, it is growing at light speed. We are managing profiles of big brands in fashion and fashion magazines like Grazia Arabia @grazaiqatar 

  • I have a brand Samantha De Reviziis collection that I developed until 2014 and then I stopped because the investors that I had found turned out to be quite unprofessional. But I haven’t closed it, I have just stopped production. I am still going ahead looking for investors and this year I have used part of the income from the blog to register the brand globally to be able to sell all over the world.

  • Street Advertising. Maxi Led Banner Led connected to wifi. We convert the users that pass by the maxi led collecting sensitive data through social login.  Intelligent marketing. I partnered with a leading sector company. I am dealing with promoting the project and making it international. La Stampa wrote about my project on the front page of their online version.

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Here I am <3 add me on Instagram : @samantha

I will share with you all my experience in web fashion marketing and much more. In the last years many brands have asked for my consultancy on how to grow on the web, such as how to improve brand awareness, how to grow on Instagram, which investments to make and not. My site samantha dereviziis.com will give these answers and many others. I have been working in fashion for more than10 years. I carry on relationships with important fashion and luxury players. Everything I will write on my site will be real life experiences, not just theory.  

I don’t want to write my CV here. If you want more info you can visit my profile on Linkedin.

I nearly forgot =) I have recently launched a Vlog click here to sign up: Samantha De Reviziis Vlog here below is my last video.

Samantha De Reviziis 


Samantha has collaborated with and been present in these magazines.

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