The power of visualization

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The power of visualization or dreaming produces positive energy and attracts the right things 

The power of visualization  (for some of you it may seem silly but it isn’t). I visualize everything I want: constantly. I have even created a wall with images, colours, objects, article cuttings, pieces of material, everything I need to imagine clearly and in detail the scene of winning what I want.

Knowing how to visualize things, scenes, moments that you want is very important if you want to get what you want quickly and clearly.

Let me give you a practical example:

I am on the train going to a client in San Marino. Our contract expires next week. The aim of my trip to San Marino is to propose another project, so continue collaborating for another year and sell the project doubling the previous compensation.

I am writing this post, listening to music, but in my mind my third eye sees just one thing: the winning scene!

  • confirmation
  • budget increase 

Luck doesn’t come into it. It’s pointless saying: “I hope I will be lucky…” BULLSHIT.

The power of visualization samantha de reviziis

The Extraordinary Power of Visualizing Success that is changing my life day after day

You have to

certainly give your best in developing the project and that’s exactly what I did with my client. The product that I am offering is valid and liked.

keep focused on the goal, the scene!

I imagine the owner of the company saying: “Excellent job Samantha, yes we will confirm the contract and invest!” I imagine the scene as if it were real.

Imagining what you want is fundamental because it produces positive energy and activates the famous law of attraction. 

It is right to visualize, wish for, and focus on your goal but then you have to work. WORK HARD.

“Don’t answer to anyone, think only about your objective and fight!“ this is the phrase that one of my best friends repeats every time I “fall” and lose my way a little.

It’s not easy to keep your mind always super pro active, pro positive, but if you can you WIN.

I started this post on the train on the San Marino stretch. As I was getting on the train I got some bad news (that then we will transform into strength and positivity) but I wasn’t going to let negative answers ruin my day.

Now I am sitting on the train going back. The meeting went better than I felt. I AM ENTHUSIASTIC, HAPPY, SATISFIED and I can’t wait to communicate this great success to my grandmother and mother who believe so much in me <3

IF YOU BELIEVE IT, IF YOU WANT TO BELIEVE, GIVE THE BEST OF YOUR BODY AND MIND AND YOU WILL WIN. You need patience, things don’t come immediately, where you want, but you need to give time to time to build solid and long lasting ties.

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Hashtag #RCMemories

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#RCMemories is the hashtag that I have inserted under the Instagram photos of my experience in Doha with Sharq Village Hotel & Ritz Carlton

They were really unforgettable days. I have already written two posts so to avoid being repetitive writing the same things I am linking the articles here below.

First: Sharq Village   Second post: my room  Third post: Parisa the restaurant 

samantha de reviziis al sharq village palme fuori dall'hotel doha samantha de reviziis sharq village qatari immagine sharq village samantha de reviziis rcmemories

samantha a doha immagine sharq village samantha de reviziis rcmemories sharq village te sharq village samantha de reviziis samantha de reviziis rcmemories sharq village share village doha qatar samantha de reviziis to finish to see all photos click here =) Read More >>

Parisa restaurant

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Parisa restaurant it’s worth a dinner just to see..

Parisarestaurant in Souq Waqif, managed by the Sharq Village & spa of the Ritz‐Carlton Hotel is an incredible place: here are the photos that speak of the restaurant for themselves.

Parisa more than a restaurant it seems like a work of art, full of mosaics and small pieces of coloured glass stuck together that create games of light that are so magnetic that they entice passers by into the Persian restaurant that is at the beginning of the Souq Waqif the old animal market of Doha. Here below you will find some photos.

I advise going to Visit Qatar it is well done and you will find lots of useful information.

 Souq Waqif  Souq Waqif  Souq Waqif  Souq Waqif  Souq Waqif  Souq Waqif qatari vestito

If you are looking for a magic place, an unforgettable experience Parisa is the perfect restaurant not only for the architecture but also for the food, the impeccable service and the unique atmosphere.

The cooking is traditional Persian, the live music Qanoon and there is also the possibility to try the Shisha. There is an enveloping perfume of roses: a huge fountain full of red rose petals is at the centre of the two floor restaurant. We ate on the lower floor tasting traditional Persian dishes and drinking mint and lemon water. Then we shot the photos.

Parisa is the perfect location for a fashion shoot. All my designer friends after following me on Instagram (I was so enthusiastic when I arrived at Parisa I couldn’t control my happiness and I published loads of videos on Instagram Stories) asked me for information to do the shooting. Are you following me on Instagram? @samanthadereviziis

parisa ristorante doha qatar Parisa restaurant doha qatar samantha de reviziis at Parisa restaurant samantha de reviziis al parisa restaurant dettagli vestito samantha de reviziis vladimiro gioia parisa ristorante doha qatar

If you go to Doha you can’t skip dinner at Parisa: it’s pratically a must.

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In Doha it finished for ever

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In Doha, after year of push and pull, fights, stress and negative energy I ended my relationship with what was my boyfriend.

A relationship that was becoming harmful for both of us.

Science has recently confirmed that being with a partner we no longer love is harmful to our physical health as well as our phsyche. For the good of both of us and to start a new life I found the courage to end it.

On the 25th of  December, Christmas, in Doha, I spent what I can define the worst night of my life. A nightmare I am trying to forget. My boyfriend and I broke up in the worst way possible.

A psychologist that I have been following affirms that the end of a romantic relationship represents a moment of growth and personal strengthening. And it’s true. That’s exactly what happened to me.

But it wasn’t an immediate thing. It took me nearly a year to find the courage to leave him. And I am rediscovering sides of my character that I had lost.

I had gone back to Doha not just to carry on with all my projects, but also to understand if the story between me and my ex was worth continuing. Being a constructive person I hoped to be able to save and rebuild our relationship. But I was so wrong. 

Speaking with a friend about my relationship thanks to something she said I realized that I was getting everything wrong.

white rose In Doha it finished for ever doha qatarsamantha de revziis the pearl of qatardetails of my hire samantha de reviziisthe pearl of qatarsamantha de reviziis doha qatar

That night I panicked, I was afraid of the situation I was in and I thought I couldn’t leave him for reasons that now, looking back, seem absurd: I believed that my life would have no sense without him. As if I depended on him.

Me, independent since I was 17!

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Six in the morning

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We shot at six in the morning because in Doha it is the moment when the light is at its most beautiful. There being only a two hour time difference it wasn’t that difficult to get up early. We took some shots in the room. If you haven’t read the previous post regarding my experience at the Sharq Village do so. =)
The Sharq Village was very generous with me. Greeting me in my room I  found a bunch of white roses (the ones that I love) some chocolate and a basket of fruit. =)
The room seemed like that of a princess, every detail was meticulously taken care of. I love warm wooden tones. The colours of brown matched with the candor of the linen and the red and gold of the walls make the atmosphere of my room warm and magic. 
The light of Doha in the early hours of the morning is very beautiful, romantic, delicate, full of shades. 

romantic photo sharq village hotel doha

I will share the photos that we shot in my room at the Sharq Village in Doha in the early hours of the morning. 

rose  sharq village hotel doha samantha de reviziis doha qatarflowers sharq village hotel samantha de reviziis intimissimi doha qatar samantha de reviziis doha qatarrosa white my room at sharq village doha qatardettagli doha qatar sharq village la camera da lettosamantha de reviziis on the bed doha qatar

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