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Caltagirone is an area located in the center of the Sicily, near Catania. The story of this town is very interesting and full of traditions. I think it’s very important to go there to capture the deep soul of Sicily: you will learn many historical and mythological curiosities. It’ll be amazing to lose yourself amongst the Hellenic and the Saracen buildings and works. Have you even heard of the ceramics of Caltagirone?

A couple of years ago, a really famous Italian brand of clothes, Dolce & Gabbana, took inspiration for its collection from the ceramics of Caltagirone … and it’s a way to understand the importance of these potteries! These stylists motivated their choice with the phrase: “A product’s quality is more important than money”. Dolce & Gabbana also inserted some crochet works, another Sicilian tradition, into the same clothes collection.

The pottery of Caltagirone

I have already talked about the Arabic influence on Caltagirone’s history. The connection between these two cultures is so deep it also explains the name of the town: it seems that “Caltagirone” is morphologically linked to the Arabic noun “qal’at”. And there’s a legend that links these cultures too, depicted on potteries of Caltagirone: the story deals with a white girl and a black boy that fall in love. She loved spending her time cultivating plants and he one day declared his own love for her. She was in love with him too but later she discovered that the boy already had a family in the east and he wanted to go there. From that time, the girl planned a murder: the murder of her lover. She killed him while he slept and then she cut off his head, using it as pot to grow a basil plant. This was for her the only way to never lose her lover.

What to do in Caltagirone

Caltagirone’s history is not the only reason to visit the city. You can find a really good panoramic view if you go up the scala di Santa Maria del Monte steps. The view is superlative!

If you have more time to visit the town and you don’t know what to do in Caltagirone, another must is the Museo dei Cappuccini. It’s an ancient convent where you can admire many historical finds. This Museum is now also a school.

In the top list of what to do in Caltagirone we have the ponte di San Francesco (S. Francesco’s bridge) too. It’s located in the downtown of the city and it’s very romantic! Its walls are built with the Pottery of Caltagirone.

Restaurants in Caltagirone

And now let’s talk about restaurants in Caltagirone. My first choice? No doubt, you must go to “Il locandiere”! It’s located in the center of the town, near the “scala di Santa Maria del Monte”. The food is amazing: I recommend the fish menu. You can ask about the menù a base di antipasti di pesce caldi e freddi (hot and cold fish appetizers menu), it’s the best! A good dessert is semifreddo al pistachio (pistachio semifreddo).



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Was months that I would share these photos but I had never found the time cause my crazy – amazing job. I shared some of them on my Instagram @samantha, but not on my lovely blog that by now I’m taking care just for passion. Only the blog section dedicated to Instagram Marketing is professional. If you still didn’t read my guide about: How to get follower on Instagram I advice you to read it =)

I took this photos with Ekaterina in Doha in December 2016. To see all post made in Doha click here =) we took amazing photos and many of them are published o Grazia Arabia.





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In Prali there are only 200 citizens, it is a really small village on the top of the Piemontese mountain. I come here every August for one or 2 weeks to work in peace, to enjoy the nature and my lovely granny. I already wrote a long post about this special place please click here to read it and to see my home (that is amazing because my gran-father made it with LOVE click here).

I went here with my boyfriend Matteo that as you already know is a photographer and he took me in the “old Prali” in front of a old farmer’s house


Paris Haute Couture 2017 the video

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Paris Haute Couture 2017 the video of my experience

Paris Haute Couture 2017 was definitely on my wish list. Every morning, when I woke, I would stop to contemplate the logos of the brands whose shows I would go to: Dior, Chanel, Ulyana Sergeenko, Valentino, Elie Saab, Fendi, Giorgio Armani that together with the photos of Paris were all aligned on my goal wall to remind me where I wanted to get to. 

I worked hard to get there but I did it. Not without tireless efforts: investment, sacrifice but also a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

I covered the whole Paris high fashion week for Grazia Arabia magazine with which I have been working for six months now. 

The fashion shows I attended are:

Proenza Schouler, Maurizio Galante, Rodarte, Azzaro Couture, Schiaparelli, Giambattista Valli, Ralph&Russo, Dior, Alexandre Vauthier, Georges Hobeika, Iris Van Herpen, Chanel, Alexis Mabille, Stéphane Rolland, Giorgio Armani, Valentin, Zuhair Murad, Viktor & Rolf, Jean Paul Gaultier, Elie Saab, Maison Margiela, Franck Sorbier, Ulyana Sergeenko, Fendi

I couldn’t put all of them in the video but you will be able to see them all on Grazia Arabia IG account @graziaqatar

I would never have thought I could go Paris Haute Couture this year! It has been a particularly difficult year for me, full of changes and new challenges like my Instagram Marketing agency Instasamy that I opened just six months ago, the banner project I told you about in December, getting engaged to Matteo, the big job I am doing with Grazia Arabia (Qatar), my work as consultant for two multinationals and much more.

Let me say it again. I made it YE YE YE and this is just the beginning =)

How did my Paris Haute Couture start?

 I left from Milan wearing gold satin Manolo, an antique pink trouser suit and a Hermes scarf with the longest list ever on my Iphone of things to do and goals, and I arrived in Paris in the late afternoon. I went to a restaurant for dinner and then straight to ER. Nothing to do with the food but unfortunately an annoying eye inflammation that passed almost immediately… I don’t remember exactly what happened: one thing is sure and that is that I drove Matteo crazy with desperation.

After visiting not one but two hospitals, one of which I am sure smelt of Chanel numero 5, we got back to the hotel at 4am with the wake up call set for 7!!!

We can say that the first two days of Paris Haute Couture 2017  were in line with  Paris Haute Couture Autumn Winter season because the thermometer showed 10 degrees with pouring rain. At the Proenza Schouler show, their first year of show in Paris, my hands were shaking so much from the cold that I could hardly hold up the phone to film the end of the show. In the following days the weather changed: we went from 10 degrees to 30/35. Luckily because I didn’t have any winter outfits with me.

But I didn’t just go to the high fashion shows: I also covered presentations of Haute Joaillerie by Boucheron, Louis Vuitton and I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of wearing clothes by my favourite brands like Missoni, Paule Ka, Max Mara, Blumarine, Mulberry, Prada and many others.  

Here below there is a gallery with my looks shot during Paris Haute Couture 2017 Street Style 

Street Style Paris Haute Couture 2017


I think the video I made with Instagram Instastories shows a lot of what I did and saw.  Read More >>

Souq Waqif Doha Qatar Grazia Arabia

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Souq Waqif Doha Grazia Arabia June 2017: Photos taken by Matteo Volta in the warm capital of Qatar

Souq Waqif that everyone calls: the Souq is one of my favourite places in Doha. When I go to the Souq I have dinner at the Damasca, a restaurant with traditional Arabian cuisine. As well as ordering the famous falafel that they eat for breakfast, I drink a mint juice with ginger and lemon. Absolutely delicious.

The Souq is a market, the oldest in Doha. The local Arab women do their shopping at the Souq!


At the entrance to the Souq Waqif Doha there are traditionally dressed local men pushing wheelbarrows. The ones that we use for gardening. The Arab women buy food, things for the kitchen, spices, clothes and the wheelbarrowmen follow them carefully and carry everything that the women buy in their wheelbarrows. 

At the Souq you can find anything. There is the gold street full of craftsmen ready to create any object you desire (gold costs less in Doha and it’s worth buying), new and old watch shops, there is the street for textiles and clothing where you can find shops with Qatar style clothes, or tailors ready tp make up something nearly on the spot and fine materials. 

The Souq offers a very wide variety of  Arabian, Italian and Turkish restaurants. One of my favourites is Parisa, Persian cuisine. As for sweets, if you like honey and pistacchios you are in the right place. All the sweets are made from honey and pistacchios. 

Falcons Shop is a shop for hawks.  They are real hawks and they cost from four thousand euros up, I made a video inside the shop that you will see in the next post. 

Well, now that I have told you something about my beloved Souq Waqif of Doha I will conclude leaving you this gallery of amazing photos that my beloved Matteo took. The photos have been published in Grazia Arabia June 2017 edition.


Foto Suoq Waqif Doha

Samantha is wearing Antonio Marras at the Souq Waqif in Doha for the editorial of Grazia Arabia June 2017 Issue

For more information about the Souq Waqif I suggest you visit the Visit Qatar website or read my post dedicated to Doha that I made when I opened my blog.

Photo: Matteo Volta

To see the editorial in Grazia Arabia