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Samantha De Reviziis

Hello, I am Samantha De Reviziis,

I was born in Turin, but I now live and work in Milan. I am 35 years old, and have been working within the fashion, digital and fur sector for more than a decade.

  • In 2012, I founded SDR srl, and I manage the company too. SDR srl is the umbrella company for four brands: Welovefur.com the only blog in the world specialized in the fur sector – Samanthadereviziis.com, a consulting agency for the fur and fashion sectors – Instasamy.com a digital agency with an eCommerce focus, and finally – Sostenibilità.com, a start-up specialized in the sustainability of fur and fashion
  • I have 12 years experience in the fur and sustainability sector
  • I am the Social Media Editor for Grazia Arabia Qatar and a Contributor for Esquire Qatar
samantha de reviziis
Samantha De Revziis

Let me tell you my story. It should take about 4 minutes and 35 seconds

I graduated in Fashion Design and also then studied Business Management, thanks to a grant from the Piedmont Region. After this I chose to specialize in the fur sector in Copenhagen, obtaining prestigious diplomas from Saga Furs and Kopenhagen Fur. In 2009, at just 24, I received investment from a big firm to open my first company, Quiriz srl in Turin, an innovative startup in the design and digital sector. Despite some great projects, the company wound down after a few years.

Nevertheless, I have never stopped studying and learning as much as possible about my chosen field. In fact, I have spent the last few months completing a course on Sustainability in Fashion from the University of the Arts London with KERING. I have focused on sustainability and fur for 12 years, and for eight of these I have been involved in the world of fashion and digital media.

I am proud to be one of only a few people in the world who has this type of specialization in fur, sustainability, fashion and digital media. The combination of these specializations gives me a global vision, and allows me to create strategies that provide effective solutions for my clients.

At a young age, I created the first independent website in the world dedicated to the fur and sustainability sector: welovefur.com. Through the site, I have collaborated with the most important players in this sector and I have developed an enormous network composed of hundreds of thousands of users. Members of this network include fashion and fur brands, producers, breeders, fur skin brokers, tanneries, sector fairs, companies, fur skin auctions, scientists, researchers, artisans and environmentalists.

At IHT International Herald Tribune’s Luxury Business Conference organized by Suzy Menkes, I received an award from the  IFF for the  Best Designer for fur garments: from  2015 to 2017 I developed my own brand, designing and creating fur garments. I participated in various fur and fashion fairs, and presented the collection in Milan and o the Principality of Monaco supported by the Monte Carlo Fashion Week.  Despite the success of this brand, in 2017 I chose to close it and instead focus on the blog: because both businesses were growing so rapidly, I was unable to give my full attention to both projects.

Thanks to the success of the blog, in 2017 I opened Samantha De Reviziis, a consulting agency operating in the fashion, fur and sustainability sectors. My main focus is to help brands become more sustainable. I started working with big companies like Kopenhagen Fur and Orylag on big projects related to the sustainability of furs and co-branding with the top players in fashion, almost as soon as the company was launched. I help many fashion and fur brands to improve their positioning and reach a variety of objectives.  I am integral in supporting the brand managers of fur collections in all processes of development of the collections and, thanks to my experience in marketing, I can also support the communication department to identify the most effective communication and marketing strategy for fur collections.

I have been passionate about web marketing since the early days of the blog, and my passion for IT saw me develop this entirely independently. In fact, over the years I have developed an excellent knowledge of software and digital marketing strategies.

  • In 2012 I opened the blog welovefur.com, the only independent blog in the world dedicated to the fur and sustainability sector 
  • Over the years the blog became a leader in its sector
  • The blog was started to create a community of niche users, passionate about the fur sector, sustainability and fashion
  • In 2016 the blog WeLoveFur was studied at the MBA level as a Case History by a Qatar Princess.
  • I moved to Qatar for two years at this stage where I started working with Grazia Arabia Qatar as SMM
  • In 2020, I launched Instasamy.com:  a Digital Agency with an annexed e-commerce arm that deals with Instagram, Telegram, TikTok and Youtube but also offers online marketing, PR, data analysis, producing music and digital content – a pillar in the fashion and fur sector.

I have covered the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai since 2015. It all feeds my passion for fashion and helps to increase my visibility and knowledge in the sector.

I haven’t just created a network in the fur sector – my network of contacts in the wider fashion industry is strong, thanks to show coverage where I am in constant contact with journalists, KOL, buyers, brand managers and designers, as well as photographers, stylists and other members of the press.

On Linkedin, you will find further details of my work experience, which I have not delved into here.

Clicking here to read my story about life as a blog business owner (it’s less formal than this chronological history: a true story full of sacrifices and victories).

Click here to read my press coverage: This includes some published articles about me as well as many of my looks that have been published in a wide array of fashion magazines from all over the world, as well as special coverage of high profile fashion, shows that I have written.

My adventures obviously are far from over =). Follow me on Instagram @samantha