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We offer specific consulting services for the fur and fashion sector.

In the world of fashion, we can:

  • help brands become more sustainable
  • analyse the fur skins chosen for  a collection, and propose the substitution of certified fur skins to ensure the collection is more sustainable
  • provide information on the traceability of fur skins, sustainability, certifications and regulations
  • offer workshops on the sustainability of fashion
  • provide information on animal fur farms, types of tanning and tanneries
  • advise on the best suppliers of materials deriving from natural and animal fibres
  • advise on the best artisan or fur producer, products in leather or natural materials from both Italy or abroad, and both for big productions or for single samples
  • advise which sustainable fur skins to buy and where to buy them from, based on both your budget and type of target/market that you want to hit
  • advise which techniques, colours, or materials to choose to match with certain types of fur
  • support brands as they create agreements with auction houses, such as  Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Fur, Nafa, Fur Harvester, Sojuzpushnina and their relative brokers
  • support in creating and setting up strategies for positioning in the market of interest through strategic marketing actions
  • provide consulting for co-branding projects with department stores, influential boutiques, online shops, influencers and socialites, mainly in the fashion capitals of New York, London, Milan, Paris and in Qatar
  • raise brand awareness through traditional and strategic marketing both offline and digitally
  • advise which fur and fashion fairs to participate in, depending on your audience and your goals
  • help in finding multi-label showrooms or distribution showrooms  in the fashion capitals like Milan, London, New York and Paris
  • advise designers on both furs and sustainability for specific projects

Specific digital services for the fur and fashion sector

With Instasamy, a digital agency specialized in Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, online advertising, data listening and production of music and content, we are able to offer the best solutions to help brands inthe fur and fashion sector to go digital.

So let’s talk about our favourite subject: results!

We have helped many, many fur brands to enhance their presence on the web, supporting them in finding the most suitable solutions for them in terms of budget and the objectives they want to reach in the short, medium and long term.

  • Brands that had neither websites or social networks today sell online and are on Instagram, thanks to our support.
  • Brands that were not present in the most important online shops are present in those environments today, thanks to our services.
  • Brands that did not have Instagram and did not know how to use this channel to increase brand awareness and sales but above all how to organize themselves to create an editorial plan are today considered “brands to follow or to copy” as they are now influential.

Knowing the fur sector well and understanding how the companies we work with are structured (digitally speaking), we have studied  services made-to-measure for you that simplify the whole process from the creation of photographic and written content, to publication and finally promotion.

Our select team of graphic designers, creatives, social media managers, advertisers, programmers and IT-experts are able to create elaborate campaigns and manage Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube profiles like no one has ever done before.

Among our clients, we can count fashion brands, magazines, luxury brands, press offices, fairs, magazines, associations and department stores.

For the fur sector, we can also provide photos of fur garments from fashion shows in realtime.

Brands that have believed in Instasamy from the start include Manzoni24, MaxMara, Ulyana Sergeenko, Paris Fashion Week, Vivetta and Ermanno Scervino.

To discover the services that offers visit the site. 

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