Thank you for your interest in me, and in my brand!

I am very happy that you stopped by this page, as it means that you’re interested in contacting me: and I’d love to hear from you.

If you are interested in writing to me then don’t hesitate! Do it now: Don’t wait too long.

My email address is, where I will be happy to answer all your questions.

Please include a brief description of the reason why you are contacting us in the subject of the email, for example: consulting for Instagram/ fur consulting / hi, I like you / I can’t stand you… and if you want to make life easier for me and speed up the process of my replying to you as soon as possible, please don’t make your emails too long. A few lines outlining what you’re looking for would be enough, and a great starting point for our correspondence.

Want to talk about money? The cost of our consulting services start from 800 euros for two hours on Skype or on the telephone and this includes email with the strategy or information you ask for Further services are, of course, available: just get in touch.

If you just want to say “hi”, or want a quick reply, I recommend you contact me directly on Instagram @samantha: I am always on it, and am always happy to read and reply to messages.