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cipriani monaco

Cipriani Monaco the place to go for a dinner with a Bellini that will make your day.

Cipriani Monaco for dinner, this is the title of a note that I have had on my IPhone for three years, every time I stopped in the Principality of Monaco for one reason or another I wasn’t able to go to this marvelous place.

Friends, famous personalities, business men such as Briatore, stylists that I follow attentively on Instagram such as Philipp Plein; all have been tagged at Cipriani Monaco restaurant.

The only one that hadn’t gone to the place was me. Me, the one that goes to Monte Carlo many times a year. Me, the one who once even spent the night in the same building where the Cipriani Monaco restaurant is located.

In Cipriani Monaco ‘s Instagram you can see how many famous personalities have gone there, you’ll also find my picture there.

I go to Monaco more or less six times a year for work or holidays. My mother alongside her companion moved there a few years ago.

For a year or so I also lived in Monaco I was working for a company from this principality. This past summer, as you may have seen, I was there for the entire month of August. In future posts I will share my vacations in the place I love to call my Monte Carlo.

Has this ever happened to you, you visit a city more than one time, write in the notepad of your IPhone the places and restaurants you must visit and then for whatever motive you are not able to go to? This is what happened to me. Which is why I wanted to write this post carefully and in detail.

cipriani monaco menu bellini cipriani monaco cipriani monaco menu cipriani monaco photo samantha de reviziis cipriani monaco inside cipriani monaco inside cipriani monaco

Cipriani Monaco restaurant 

Cipriani Monaco restaurant is the ‘It’ place to go. The Monaco royals go often and with pleasure. Russian, American and European tourists all love it. For this motive people make reservations at Cipriani Monte Carlo right after arriving to Monaco.

Cipriani as a restaurant attracts a lot of people and you can see its charm just by taking a glance from the streets. Luxurious cars are parked in front of the place, the kind of cars that would make anyone go crazy like Bentley, Ferrari, Bugatti; women wearing incredible dresses, elegant men. A unique atmosphere.

Cipriani Monte Carlo is located here.

Below you can find the address and the contact information.

Cipriani Monte Carlo

Avenue Princesse Grace 98000 Monaco

Cipriani Monte Carlo Telephone  377 93 25 42 50


Now I will tell you about my experience at Cipriani Monaco

After arriving at Cipriani Monte Carlo restaurant they offered me a Bellini. The Bellini from the Cipriani is the best I have ever tried. You can see it in the picture. It’s the pink cocktail I have in my hand. Only by thinking about the Bellini that I drank at Cipriani Monte Carlo my mouth waters.

As you may know I don’t drink alcoholic beverages. How can you say no to a Bellini? I’ll never say no to a Bellini. Often at renown restaurants they bring me a Bellini that isn’t really one and they are even served in the wrong glass.

You must know that the Bellini is a signature Italian drink, it’s white sparkling wine with a peach essence. It was created in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, owner of the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, for the vernissage of the artist Giovanni Bellini.

bellini cipriani monaco

cipriani monaco restaurant cipriani monaco restaurant


They say that the pink color of a cassock worn by a saint, which had been painted by the artist, inspired Cipriani in the creation of this drink.

The Bellini from the Cipriani Monaco seems very light as a cocktail and I drank many of them, I think they were four. With the heat, I tolerate alcohol even less. Let’s say that me who rarely drinks and tolerates absolutely nothing, ended the night in a happy mood. I was excessively happy. The atmosphere, the people, everything were just fascinating and I had a lot of fun.

Right beneath you’ll find the pictures of my dinner at Cipriani Monte Carlo restaurant where you can see the dishes we ate – devoured. =)

I advice you to check the Cipriani Monaco menu is they have a very well made site.

After having dinner at Cipriani Monaco restaurant I went dancing in a place called Twiga.

I have to say it was a long night and an unforgettable one.

The day after, feeling remorse as a consequence of everything I ate, which you can see in the pictures. I decided to go for a run at six in the morning and I tried to go on a diet, as you can imagine with poor results. hahaha

samantha de reviziis cipriani
I was really HAPPY hahaha
cipriani monaco samantha de revziiis
I’m wearing Mihatami shirt, Chanel bag and Gucci sandals

cipriani monte carlo monaco

Shoes Gucci  bag Chanel  Shirt Miahatami

Love you

Samantha De Reviziis

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