Best Italian restaurants in Copenhagen

best italian restaurants in copenhagen
Samantha at Illum Copenhagen

The best Italian restaurants in Copenhagen, recommended by an Italian who goes crazy for eating fish: ‘Corallo Lobster’ comes in the first place.

The best Italian restaurants in Copenhagen? My Danish friends in Copenhagen also ask me for Italian restaurant names. It makes me laugh because they ask me, me not being Danish. I’m Italian, I love eating; I love eating out. But it’s one thing for my foreign friends who are visiting Copenhagen to ask me and another for Danish friends who live there all year round.

Copenhagen is one of my favorite destinations. Thanks to my job it has become a regular place I visit. I go to Denmark around six times a year, in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. I live it all year (Winter is very cold).

It goes without saying that each time I go to Denmark I love eating the food of the place, Danish cuisine is extremely good. I go crazy for shrimps, salmon, herring, the sauces, the meat, potatoes, the juices. In conclusion, I like their cuisine way more than French.

After Italian it’s the food I like the most. I even love the Danish people; they are all beautiful =) In the past I have had not one but two crushes for Danish guys. One blonde with blue eyes a lot younger than me and the other one also blonde with blue eyes but older than me. It didn’t work out in either situation. I’m lucky with work but unlucky in love.

Anyways, going back to Italian restaurants in Copenhagen, I do know a few.

I know them because many times I take my foreign clients to these places. Chinese, Russians, Greeks, I take all of them to Italian restaurants in Copenhagen. The Chinese love gelato, in an obsessive way, because in China they don’t have it, so I’d suggest, if you want to close a work deal or make quite an impression take them to a restaurant that has gelato or lemon sorbet. To all my Italian friends, if you want to go out for dinner in Copenhagen you must head to the place pretty early. In Copenhagen people have dinner early, around seven (which is already late for them) restaurants close 10:30/11:00ish and stores at 5:30 in the afternoon.

The best Italian restaurants in Copenhagen

My number one Italian restaurant, where I go without hesitation, for romantic dinners, for job related dinners or just with friends, that always leaves me very satisfied is

Corallo Lobster in Illum.

  • Of the good Italian restaurants in Copenhagen, Corallo Lobster is without any doubt my favourite. I like it because they are real Italian dishes, not interpreted by Danish cooks but made by excellent Italian chefs. I got to know Corallo Lobster in Milan because its inside one of the most important department stores in this fashion capital. It’s located inside ‘La Rinascente’ on the top floor with a beautiful view of the Duomo. Corallo in Copenhagen is in Illum another very cool department store from the fashion world. Also in this case the restaurant is on the top floor. This Italian food restaurant is decorated with pieces that undoubtedly speak of  Italy. Even the service is 5-star. You can eat fish, shellfish, spaghetti with lobster, crab tartar and much more. The Italian wine is really good quality and they have a great selection. As many of you know I seldom drink wine, I almost never drink. The evening I shot the image you see in this post I had had too much to drink. I went there with my photographer, she is Russian and she loves drinking, we had a lot of fun and we closed an important deal. We also celebrated with the owner of the place and his team. I really do advise this place; it doesn’t cost that much for what they offer. I liked this restaurant so much that, that night I bothered the owner until he agreed to let me take some photos in the location. Here they are.


lobster with spaghetti corallo lobster bar ileum italian restaurantfish tartare with burrata Corallo Barbest italian restaurants in copenhagen

As for other Copenhagen restaurants, the Danish restaurant with local dishes that I opt for is ‘Nimb’.

  • Nimb is a Danish restaurant inside Tivoli Park, a park with vintage rides. You really eat very well here; it is also quite expensive because it it located inside of one of the most luxurious hotels of the Danish capital city, but I assure you that it is an unforgettable experience. It’s like being in a fairy tale. If you go in Spring-Summer you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the Tivoli Park, if instead you go in Winter the park is closed but it has beautiful lights: the atmosphere is quite unique. I took pictures of Tivoli Park, here they are.

And to see the pictures of me at Nim qui can see my previous post about Nimb at Tivoli..

I must highlight another three of the best restaurants in Copenhagen.

  • LouLou is a restaurant from northern France, the Danish go crazy for this place. It’s trendy to go there, all the cool people from Copenhagen do so. Its food is really good but personally I prefer Corallo or Nimb.
  •  La Vita e’ Bella. I have been there many times, the dishes and the atmosphere are really Italian.
  • Bjornekaelderen. Very expensive, but in the case you can spend or have a generous boyfriend I suggest you go there. The dishes are French and Danish. They’ll spoil you all night long and the food is delicious.

I hope my guide about the best Italian restaurants in Copenhagen was useful for you. =) Buon Appetito. 

If you go to Corallo Lobster or one of the above mentioned Italian restaurants recommended by me, please write. I am curious to hear your thoughts. If the owner of Corallo Lobster is reading this post, I would like to thank him publicly for the unforgettable evening.

Corallo Lobster address: Roof Top 4°Floor, Illum Copenaghen, Østergade 52, Phone: +45 3318 2621  Email:

Web site


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