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Prali Italy this is dedicated to my fav mountain place and this post is written by my granny she is 82 

Prali Italy is for me a very special place, where my mother spent her childhood and where my grandmother brought me up in my winter and summer holidays.

For as long as I can remember the mountains along with the Italy ski resort have been a desired destination for those who hate the din of the city and prefer the silent and quiet, those who enjoy long walks and excursions.

It can happen that someone from the seaside goes for the first time to the mountains and falls so madly in love with the place that he decides to buy a second home there. This is what happened to my grandfather, who was originally from Pisa, when for some reason or another he found himself for the first time in his entire life in the meadows and pine forests of Prali Italy.

Maybe its better to pass the ball on or better said the pen to my grandmother (my grandfather unfortunately has already passed away) who is about to celebrate her eighty-second birthday and I must say she still has an excellent memory.

This post is dedicated to my grandmothers’ house in the mountains in Prali Italy so I will let her write it.

Hi, I’m Ernesta, the eighty-one-year-old who will tell you a few things about this charming town in Germanasca Valley situated in Piedmont seventy kilometers from Turin that also is part of the Mountain Community Chisone and Germanasca Valley.

Situated at 1455 meters of altitude it is still a really small town. Maybe it’s its position at the end of a Valley that has prevented the construction of buildings or because the public transport that connects the capital of the province and the town isn’t that frequent. But It’s a fact that in Ghigo in Prali Italy there are around 140 residential buildings of which ten are for commercial use.

One particular thing about this place is that, despite the altitude, you can go for a walk for many kilometers in the direction of Turin or in the direction of the mountains without running into uphill or downhill slopes which aren’t suitable for mothers with strollers or older people that are still eager to walk.

In the town square where the town hall is located there is a bakery with an oven that, maybe because of the particularity of the water, gives the baked bread and focaccia a distinctive fragrance which makes people come back for it time after time.

There is a bar that is not to be neglected which offers typical dishes from the region and there also is the Waldensian church that every summer hosts the renowned demonstration of PRALIBRO, that is organized by the Claudiana library and il Ponte sulla Dora di Torino.

They share an extensive selection of books which gives the people the opportunity to find the latest literary novelties and where they can browse and buy thousands of books, there can also be found editions of books that aren’t found easily elsewhere.

On the other side of the square there is the Hotel delle Alpi with a stupendous exterior and where you get the possibility to taste, after trying anchovy paninis (I highly recommend these) or fast dishes, the liquors of the Valley that contribute to the admiration of the mountain view.

There also is a supermarket ‘da Tiziana’, a newsagents / tabacconists, a household store, a haberdashery and a shoe store that is also filled with small appliances.

Then there is the old Waldensian church, constructed in 1556 which nowadays holds inside the historical museum that registers the events of the Germanasca Valley from the prehistory up until today.

But one of the reasons why the ‘sailor’ whom I mentioned earlier went head over heels for Ghigo of Prali Italy was when he discovered the chair lift of the thirteen lakes that in its first section, the Bric Rond, with an altitude of 2460 meters, gives the possibility to see the thirteen lakes of  which the most famous are the Ramella or lake of  Cannoni, the lago dell’uomo, lake Verdi and lakes Gemelli. All of this can be done in summer but in winter the ski slopes are rather known as vigorous (they say that who learns to ski in Prali Italy can do so wherever) they offer slopes with various difficulties and many off-piste routes. I found only Italian web site you can try to translate it with google traslate. 

Also the prices are decent: the yearly subscription is 310€ while for the property owners the price goes down to 260€.

There are also trails for cross country skiing, there are ten and a half kilometers between Ghigo and Villa. =)

But the ‘sailor’ started to cherish the adventures in mountain bike, tennis games, sports that he started at a younger age and never stopped until the end of his days. Coincidentally our condo the ‘Campet’ was next to the baby skiing slope for beginners, that I had forgotten to mention earlier. He enjoyed a private tennis court, although he wasn’t a member, he played there for more than twenty years. Naturally he didn’t deny himself a game of bowls on the bowling alleys used for regional competitions.

He missed, due to expatriation at the age of  55, the latest news: a tennis court managed by Pro Loco of Prali, a soccer field and a Beach Volley field.

The young crowd has good reasons to spend their vacations in this delightful town in the mountains, they also can also have delicious barbecues at the Bardour, a new place with a beautiful view to the Cozie Alps, eating dinner in one of the two pizza places and continue the night at MIRAGE the only nightclub in town.

Last but not least an attraction of the valley that my ‘sailor’ missed is a tour of the mines, a unique and unforgettable adventure discovering a talc mine! Entering a tunnel in a little car, you find yourself in the darkness broken by the white shimmering talcum powder and from far away you can hear unexpected explosions…

These are the emotions and activities that tourists and students that come to visit can experience when they come here on their vacation.

What else can I say? Nothing but that despite my young age and my only daughter living far away in a renowned region the Riviera of Ponente, I insist on spending my summer here, by myself, reviving the memories from the past and then come back in winter to celebrate a new year with my friends which I’ll never forget.


Samantha de Reviziis


The pictures where taken byYana Khankhatova

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