Get followers on instagram: the complete guide

Get followers on Instagram following the most advanced techniques for the fashion system.

Get followers on Instagram is not difficult as long as you follow the instructions I will give you to the letter. 🙂

I am Samantha De Reviziis,  influencer in the fashion sector, and I have worked with my Instagram for years. In addition I have done many, many courses online in English and Italian and tested the best techniques on several profile accounts including my own @samantha.

I have founded, a Instagram marketing agency that manages IG profiles mainly of the fashion sector (brands, press offices, fashion magazines). (my idea was to call my web site “Instagram fashion” but was already has already been taken from someone ._. ) We take care of the creative and strategic part. The team is composed of fashion designers, experts in visual communication and Instagram experts. We are an international team.

How to get followers on Instagram

Get Instagram followers had become “stressful” and “frustrating”, then I understood what to do. 🙂 And in that moment my life changed! 🙂

My goal was not just to increase followers, but to hit a target interested in what I was publishing. Only this enables the conversion of followers and Instagram likes into sales and subscribers.

Now I can let you in on a secret: if you have a goal linked to increasing your number of followers, I will make the strategy for increasing Instagram followers easier for you.

Increasing the number of followers on social networks just to bulk up the numbers doesn’t interest me and it doesn’t interest my clients either. It’s like writing without information and without paying attention to SEO. If I invest my time in writing a post I want it to be found and read and to convert occasional readers into regular ones.

If you want to increase Instagram followers, even 1000 followers a day, you are in the right place.

instagram for business

Instagram strategy: how to get followers on Instagram 

I will reveal the most powerful strategy to get real followers on Instagram. =) ready?

However, you have to know that:

  • you will have to work hard
  • schemes that require you to buy followers are not long term
  • the objective must be to grow organically without using strategies and convert as much as possible

This is not a “basic” post like many others. It is a post made to make you think. Many ideas will come to mind to improve the visual communication of your IG and you will discover the best techniques and tricks for Instagram and those very, very useful apps for Instagram.

This is a real guide to Instagram, let’s call it an educational post with advanced techniques on how to become popular on Instagram, aimed above all at the fashion system.

I advise you not to skip any steps (if you already think you know something, ok, but read everything because sometimes the simplest things that you think you already know how to do correctly can be game changers) 

Instagram marketing guide – Instagram for business

instagram marketing* To increase likes, comments, followers and put into action the Instagram tricks I propose you absolutely must have studied well the points prior to 7.

  1. Objectives and targets (Who you want to hit and where you want to go)
  2. Instagram pictures: photos to put on Instagram the layout must be attractive (this post is fundamentally important)
  3. Conversion of followers
  4. Instagram hashtags # : how to choose them and how to get into the popular ones (everyone thinks they know how to do it but many do it wrong) and how to programme posts from the computer and when to publish
  5. Instagram Tags @ how and when
  6. How to increase comments and engagement of Instagram posts
  7. How to get more Instagram likes 
  8. Instagram apps to increase followers: automatism
  9. Like Bombing, how to be bombarded with likes. (one of the strongest techniques of the moment)
  10. Instagram Direct Groups (what they are and how they are created)
  11. How to make money with Instagram

First question: What is your objective and what is your target?

Instagram marketing – increasing followers on Instagram 

instagram tips

Instagram target and objectives

Are you a footwear brand? I imagine anyway that the objective is to increase sales, position brands in the most influential shops in the world and, if you sell online, convert Instagram followers, directing them to your site as customers.

Ultimately you have to hit the final client, who has purchasing power, and fashion buyers, those whose job it is to buy collections. Certainly you also have to reach stylists and fashion editors in order to have some photos and articles in fashion magazines. Sounds like science fiction? No!

Instagram allows you to do all this. Isn’t that incredible?

Instagram is the best tool to increase brand awareness.

It’s also the best tool to convert followers into customers!

A few days ago – 2 November 2016  Business published an article dedicated to  Instagram and to the possibility to sell directly from Instagram without extra apps: I suggest you read it very carefully.

How to get more Instagram followers =)

instagram marketingHow to hit the target and reach your objectives

To hit your target it’s important you follow your competitors who have more followers than you, that is the accounts of your sector with many followers.

Interact with your competitor’s followers in order to convert them to your account.


Let’s think about it a moment:

To go back to the footwear brand example (you are the shoe brand): as well as following the competitors of your brand you must also follow shoe shops or department stores that sell YOUR COMPETITORS OR YOUR  main big competitor because it’s precisely there that you would like to position yourselves and it is there that the final clients go to buy similar products to yours. For example: Adidas is sold in many shops and by Harrods. It is positioned as you are. In this case you must follow Adidas, the shops that sell Adidas and also Harrods and all Harrods’ followers. Everything clear?

Let’s repeat:

  • follow your competitors
  • follow who sells them
  • steal / copy followers from both

So, make a good plan of goals to reach and identify the target in order then to able to create an ad hoc strategy.

This technique can very well be applied to any other sector, luxury, travels, food… or person (singers, djs, politicians, athletics). Obviously as I work in fashion I find it easier to make comparisons with who works in this industry. 

Instagram tips

The objective is also what IG advises you under profiles of your niche. Have you ever followed a brand or famous person and clicking on the white, arrive next to the user name IMAGES and  Instagram advises you to follow other similar profiles? Well, you have to go there.

First of all you have to make Instagram understand what you are talking about….

How to increase Instagram followers 

If you want to have more followers on Instagram you have to be attractive!

I want to explain this point well because no one goes into it. Image is the most important thing.

  • Instagram Pictures 

Instagram is a social network dedicated to images 

Get followers on instagram: the complete guide Get followers on instagram: the complete guide

It’s pointless adopting techniques like hashtags, automatisms, comments, groups, like bombing, if  the layout of your Instagram is ugly, if what you publish isn’t liked. It can seem a bit brutal but if you do not intend to work on image and visual communication of your IG, avoid reading the post or downloading guides and studying because this is the key to being successful on Instagram. No one ever addresses it because those who talk about Instagram, usually, are computer technicians or web fanatics and not fashion insiders like me.

Now you will think: having a beautiful Instagram costs! Yes and No. It depends on you, on your creativity. The best ideas come precisely when you have a low budget. We have done loads of video tutorials on how to create a captivating layout that follows a color story, visit Instasamy.

It costs time, research, selecting images but if you don’t have the time or resources to do it, you can always commision to me and my cool team, INSTASAMY.COM to do it. That’s excatly what we do. =)

how to get followers on instagram

Instagram marketing Images on Instagram and conversion

Increasing followers on Instagram, the conversion of followers from a famous account to yours depends a lot on the layout of your Instagram and on the images.

You have no idea how many times I have listened to unsatisfied clients coming up with phrases like these: I didn’t get followers! The influencer/Instagrammer that I paid for shots is famous and I invested a lot. How come I didn’t get a return?

Many brands in fashion, but also in make up and in some way in all sectors, to increase brand awareness invest thousands of euros (and even more) on fashion Instagrammers with many, many followers. The Instagrammers do their job: they publish the photos with their unique style, beautiful quality photos, they insert the tag etc… (I am referring to professional Instagrammers), get lots of likes, comments and sharing…

Some of these brands that have invested, however, don’t get conversion into followers. Which? Those that have an ugly Instagram layout!

Why does this happen? Because those who follow Instagrammers, and that have beautiful, unique, quality Instagram photos, clicking on the tag inserted in the photo of the Instagrammer, land on the page of the brand that does not have high level visual communication in line with that of the Instagrammer (or higher). In few words, the brand that paid a king’s ransome has an ugly image , with low quality, banale photos etc… conversion can be scarse…or rather REALLY SCARSE…..

The result? The brand throws away time and money! This question goes for anyone, not just for the fashion sector.

In Doha a few days ago I tagged a photographer that shot me. Unfortunately, the photographer had neglected her profile, so my tag was worth nothing and she still has few followers.

Needless to say, the BIO on Instagram is important: it must be captivating and immediately let people know who you are. Put a #hashtag that identifies you and insert it also in all the photos.

Instagram is image. If the images are ugly, banale and are not harmonious in color, then your page is ugly. “Ugly” profiles on IG are not followed unless the person in question is in a field that has little to do with image, but even in that case you should take more care over it.

 Instagram pictures: think about it a second before posting.

How does Instagram work, or rather how can you get followers through Instagram photos?

Win over the follower of your page: the IG user lands by chance on your page, finds  it atrractive, unique, beautiful and follows you clicking on the magic button FOLLOW.

  • Win over followers thanks to a single image: if an Instagrammer gives you a like, those that follow the Instagrammer will notice his or her action and will be attracted by the photo only if it is eye catching and probably will follow you in turn; in the opposite case they won’t even look at your profile. Or if an IG user searches for a particular theme through a hashtag – to give an example: searches “#shoes” in the “tag” section – and finds a beautiful photo of shoes, they will follow you but, if it is low quality they will pass by.
  • It’s very simple: YOU ARE UGLY I won’t follow you; YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE: I will follow you

My secrets for a unique Instagram profile?

Which pictures to put on Instagram?

I have made a pdf with the best apps to edit photos and with the best sites to visit and unearth the best photos go to Leave me your email and you will receive the free pdf =) and much more.

Instagram Fashion Business #InstagramForBusiness


If you are a Brand it’s really easy! My agency and I manage many fashion profiles and we have great fun creating unique and eye catching layouts that go VIRAL!

If you are a fashion brand you have an ace up your sleeve, that is you have a collection and the collection has a color board, right?

instagram marketing
Instagram Color Story

Your collection’s color board could also be your Instagram color board. Take your color board and use it as a pallette for your Instagram: the photos must be coherent.

Transmit the mood and the vision through images.

With your color pallette in front of you try to publish photos that follow your color story.

Create with any program like Photoshop – Google Drive or whichever you know how to use  – the structure of Instagram and test how you would post the photos.

Create a unique way of posting. Yours. You can use all the white space in the frame or use just a part.

Posters – or rather big images composed in mosaic form  – on IG they work but don’t overuse them because they are limitaing as they annoy the user that is following you beacuse to amke a poster you have to post more photos that at first do not have a logical sense and at the same time a single photo cannot attract as you can’t catch the sense.  (BE CREATIVE)


If your Instagram profile is a fashion brand, I advise you put the image of the product always in a single frame (I mean a single image) and next to it inspirational images that can transmit the mood of your collection to the final user (make who is watching you dream and then sell them the product). You can find inspirational images on Instagram or blogs or search sites. If they belong to others it is important to write whose it is and insert the tag and the credit. No stealing allowed on internet, ok?

There are many applications for Instagram photos: Canva is a very easy site to use, that allows you to create images ad hoc for IG, also quotes and aphorisms that help you to transmit your vision. Show the user who you are! Show them why they should follow your profile. I use A Color Story it is my fav app to edit Instagram Pictures you can find it on App Store. A Color story is the easier Instagram tool to edit photos with the best filter and effects =) Really love it 

If you want to discover what the best tools for Instagram are click here and receive for free my guide for the IG apps, video tutorials, insights etc..

If you are not a fashion brand but a person or you have a brand in jewelry, make up or travel, it doesn’t matter: the method is the same. Identify your color board and make sure that the images that are on the  Instagram wall are more or less the same colour. Use filters, but know how to dose them, or do a lot of research and mix your pictures with those found on the web. Edit them with the same filter or color story and post them.

Best Instagram Fashion profile

Examples of fashion Instagram accounts that follow a color story and have a unique way of publishing:

  • Jalousemag  has a style all of its own and one of my favourite mags
  • Gucci on Instagram is smashing it
  • Prada (amazing colour pallette)
  • Watts milions of followers – it is one of the accounts with the most viral photos 
  • Angelica famous for her cool illustration (I love her)
  • Illusorysuperiority
  • Bessnyc4 – my abosolute favorite video maker artist
  • Kat in NY – a photographer with an unmistakable style (she doesn’t post photos by chance but transmits her romantic, elegant and fascinating style). For photographers Ig is fundamentally important, it’s their shop window. There are many photographers that post their work without following a story, transmitting their identity. She is one of my fav photographer I love all her photos and video <3
  • 70sads – all rectangular photos
  • KerryPieri Digital Director of Harper’s Bazaar and founder of Un Reveur talks about herself through quotes, inspirational images found on the web and her own and maintaining a harmonious colour tones
  • Suzanne Koller Fashion director di Vogue Paris
  • Juno Calypso – one of my favourite artists
  • Nowness
  • IVANA CARPIO – her Ig is all white
  • GB65 Creative Director

I have a list of 1000 people, I can’t put them all but these can inspire you. Before Ig used to search inspirational images on Tumblr and Pinterest. Now I use on Instagram to make research.  If you understand how to use correctly IG is more easy find fast what you are looking for…

Once you have found the method of publishing and have defined the editorial plan all you have to do is post.

get followers on instagramPopular on Instagram =)

How do get your images in the popular list: programming and hashtag #

Getting your image in the popular list is not difficult if you use hashtags that I will speak about below, but I repeat you can put the # in the world but if the image is ugly you will get very low returns.

How does Instagram works? – Posting and Programming

I have no intention of explaining how use Instagram, how to post on Instagram likes instructions, click here then click there … no! You will find load of articles and instructions on other sites (and it is very intuitive).

I want to reveal the cheapest and most efficeient system to programme posts on Instagram.

OnlyPult: it is the cheapest and it works very well, and is very easy to use. It’s intuitive. I have tried many, the others are much more expensive and not completely reliable. Anyway, if you access my consulatncy service you will also find video tutorials where we explain well how to program photos on Instagram.

Instagram business =)

instagram business profile


(Don’t skip this step for any reason thinking that it’s banale, because it isn’t and noone gives you the truth for free)

Don’t believe the lists that you find on the web, for example #love #fashion #iphoneonly #beautiful #instadaily  #summer #me #outfitoftheday #girl #instagramhub #tbt #follow #iphoneonly #cute  #photooftheday #bestoftheday #igdaily #instamood  #iphonesia #picoftheday #tweegram #igers #girl  #beautiful. They are put to get the page optimized by Google but they are not realistic lists of # hashtags. They are useless.

Hahstags as you know help IG to find your photos. Your objective must be to get your images on the popular list.

How can you get your images on the popular list? My partner Luca Zocchi taught me this trick.

Very simple, choose hashtags like this:

  • #10 big ones (they must generate a volume of posts from 5 milion up)  
  • #10 medium (they must generate a volume of posts from 1 to 5 milion)
  • #10 small (they must generate a volume of posts from 0 a 999 thousand)

Putting them all together will make your photos popular. The hashtags can also be studied based on the quantity of followers of the account.

I have put the small # in bold for a very important reason. Hashtags with a lower volume are more important. Getting on the popular list of the hashtags, the algorythm of  Instagram will understand that the content you have posted is quality. In this way you will obtain a good percentage of oragnic visibility, that later will also allow you to get onto the popular list of the medium hashtags and with a bit of luck, also the big ones. 

Where to insert hashtags?

  • Insert them in the comments and don’t exceed 30.
  • Using hashtags correctly is fundamentally important. 

This operation costs nothing so make an effort to do it well.

If you have not understood, write to me and I will help you. =) 

how to increase followers on instagramTAG INSTAGRAM

Remember to always tag you photos with your tag (in my case @samantha) and if you want people to follow you when they come across your photo insert the @samantha at the beginning of then text under the photo.

Example of Instagram tag

tag instagram amrketing how to get followers on instagram
@ tag instagram marketing

If you have got this far you have identified your target, defined the objective, understood how to post on Instagram, which hashtags to use, how to put tags, and how to program posts on Instagram.

How to have more followers on Instagram 1000 a day

make money on instagram

Instagram marketing strategy: How to increase followers: 1000 a day and even more

Hashtags help but they are not completely enough, as it is not enough to have beautiful photos. To get to 1000 followers a day on Instagram you have to do lots of things. There are several things to do but it also depends on your budget.   

How to break onto Instagram investing zero euros. NO, it doesn’t exist. I mean, you can invest no money but you have to invest time and time is money.

Now that you have a beautiful layaout and that you have understood what you need to do, it’s time for the big guns! 

Ready to know how to increase your followers on Instagram? Let’s go! 🙂

most followers on instagram

Tricks for Instagram comments

You have to comment. But not randomly!

How to comment on Instagram to increase engagement

  • Publish the photo
  • Put hashtags (the 30 that I suggested) inserting them under the photo
  • Comment the photos that have the same hastags as yours because certainly they will have similar contents to yours and they will appreaciate you too
  • You have to comment immediately, as soon as the photo is published to intercept the users that are active at that moment
  • 1000 instagram likes how to get more likes

instagram marketingInstagram Likes

Where do you put your likes on Instagram? (I like I like I like)

  • Follow a big account that has from 2 million followers up and that is in target with you, similar to you, that publishes photos on the same theme as yours. If you are fashion bloggers follow a top blogger.
  • Publish a photo add likes to 60 users that have liked the photo of the top instagrammer that has just published the photo
  • The users in that moment will be active and you having a profile with similar contents to theirs they will exchange the favour with a like or a comment or follow


  • like who has # the same as yours, less popular but recent (this is the technique that works best if done properly)

follow unfollow Instagram marketing 


  • follow unfollow

Less or more  the method is the same as the like comments. 

Follow the last 60 followers of the top account that has followers that you would like to have become yours. Never do more than 60 follows in an hour.

  • You can do this operation 4 times a day, even six. 60 follows then leave it an hour. Careful because  Instagram has limits and if you do too many follows they could block your account. All the details are in my guide.  It’s important to follow people who are really in your target. Instagram must be able to understand what you are talking about and which the accounts closest to yours are.
  • Then you have to also “unfollow” if not the number of the people that you will follow will be higher thean the number of followers you have.
  • Put yourselves in the shoes of a new user that gets a like or follow from you, ends up on your profile and sees that you are following more people than you have followers: they won’t follow you.


So what I advise you to do to have more followers on Instagram is:

  1. The first day do 6 times 60 follows
  2. The second day 3 times in the morning 60 follows and 3 times in the afternoon 60 unfollows.
  3. You can do it manually with CrowdFire or Captivate  or automatize with Stim Social the new Instagress. Stim Social and all automatisms do not respect the rules of  IG so I advise against using them.


I don’t advise using automatisms: everyone advises StimSocial the new Instagress , but they are risky because Instagram does not like them. You risk having them cancel your account if you use them in the right way.

I have used them on my client’s profiles who have asked me explicitly: nothing has ever happened  but I have contacts that have lost their profile, which has been blocked and then cancelled.

If you want to see how to use Stim or Crowdfire for Android and receive details sign up on I have made a tutorial and you will receive my guide with advice.

How to get more likes on Instagram like bombing

instagram marketing like bombing


An explosion of followers on Instragam and an explosion of likes and your  photos? It’s doable with Like Bombing!

LIKE BOMBING is the game changer!

This is the most powerful strategy to increase your followers on Instagram. Above all if your profile does not exceed 100k

Let me explain well what it’s about: Instagram gives more importance to the photos with the most likes.  If you want your photo to get onto the popular list it is fundamental that your post gets a large number of likes /hearts” and “comments” immediately after publishing. Some buy fake likes but it is useless because anyway IG recognizes them and in the long term you risk having them cancel your account. In addition the sites that send fake likes are IG profiles, so they are not authoritative so you will never end up on the popular list with fake likes.

Increasing followers on Instagram

Not only: who buys fake links is penalized and your profile will grow slowly (it has happened to me). My account was managed by an agency that unbeknownst to me sent me fake likes and followers. I lost followers because being inactive IG cancels them and penalized me.  Unfortunately many agencies work in this incorrect way, but not me, precisely because I have seen for myself the damage it can do.

What does having lots of likes on Instagram mean? I mean that the photo has more than 2000 likes, received in a very short laspe of time. This makes Instagram think that your content has great value and for this reason could reward it putting in the most popular. Wouldn’t that be cool? At the beginning of the post I explained to you how to use # hashtags to end up on the popular list, here instead I will explain how to get thousands of likes from authoritative profiles.

How to make your photo burst with likes.

how to get lots of followers on instagramAuthoritative Instagram marketing profiles

Who are the authoritative profiles and why there are important.

The authoritative profiles with followers and real likes that have 100k and more.

Now imagine that 4 – 6 big authoritative accounts like and comment a photo you post. Instagram will put you photo on the popular list and you will get many likes and comments for hours, about two.

Your post wiIl be bombarded with likes. Like Bombing works very well if your profile is smaller and the other 4 or 6 accounts are BIG from 500k up.

In this way if your IG profile is interesting and has an eye catching layout you will gain lots of new followers. To do like bombing you can act in two ways:

  • you create a group
  • find sites that offer this service

get followers on instagram direct group

How to increase followers on Instagram with Direct Groups

Direct Groups, or how to work in teams! <3

This is another TOP STRATEGY to increase likes on Instagram AND IT ALSO WORKS FOR TOP ACCOUNTS THOSE THAT HAVE FROM 100K UP.

On Instagram there are direct groups where the users exchange likes and comments.

If the objective is to grow as quickly as possible (over night), you can’t not take part in a group of users that suports your growth. Having supports is fundamental in life and even more so on Instagram.

In few words direct groups work in this way:

they are profiles similar to yours, the same niche and the same number of followers (while for like bombing they have to be bigger) they like you and comment on every single photo that you publish on your Instagram.

The groups are made up of 10/15 people at the most (it’s really difficult manage lots of people together).

If you want to explode one group is not enough, so, if you can, try to create several groups with the support of some of your collaborators.

How to create direct groups

  • Look for profiles with a similar number of followers to yours (real ones)
  • Contact them directly or by email and propose the group
  • Send a brief email making what you are proposing clear right away, what they gain and do please follow THE RULES. Who does not respect them will have to leave the group to let other possible supporters who may be more active in … you create the group of directly on
  • Instagram or where you prefer, even Facebook.

instagram marketing

We will let you know if your profile is in line with some of our groups =)  If so will you receive an email from us with instructions.

Why is making groups important? Because it allows you to receive likes and comments from authoritative profiles and so get in the favourites. 

If your photos and what you offer are value you will no longer need groups and you will grow organically publishing quality contents.

Remember that having an ugly Instagram profile, full of comments and likes is doable but :

You will not convert (so at that point having comments and likes is useless so buy them)

Having comments and likes from people that you have got along with for months is ok to start but it is not a long term solution and if the images are ugly you will not grow organically.

Investing your time, money and energy to obtain NOTHING doesn’t make sense.

The groups can be created with Telegram but I will talk to you about this in a second post.

Instagram Marketing 

free followers on instagram


If you have got this far you have understood that using Instagram properly means investing time and money. Only in this way can you become popular on Instagram. And the best thing is to have a team or an agency like mine to support you in your growth IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN NUMBERS.

If instead you want to grow slowly just follow my advice, be patient and you will see, you mill make it =)

The techniques that I have written are the most efficient, but there are many others, some famous that you will already know like shout outs on authoratative profiles, or connecting IG to your social networks like come Facebook and other social networks, but I can’t make a detailed guide to this yet: this post is already quite long, don’t you think?

I will finish telling you how to make money from Instagram

Make money on Instagram. Before continuing I need to ask a little favour.

I have written this guide for your for free, but if you want to know how to earn with Instagram share my post and then you will read the final part.

[sociallocker id=”1610″]

how to make money on instagramHOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH INSTAGRAM

With Instagram there are users that earn as much as ten thousand euros a month, even more.

With Instagram you can really earn a lot and offer more services. Some bloggers have abandoned their blogs and dediacted themselves entirely to Instagram.

Here are the services that Instagrammer’s sell on Instagram

Product Placement: a photo with the product worn by the Instagrammer or reviewed if it is it make up or present in a still life if it is food. Basically any product placement, whatever it may be with the instagrammer.

Special projects / Instagram Take Over. For example: there is the launch of the new collection of a famous barnd. The brand could ask an influencer or instagrammer to use the brand’s instagram for that event.  The influencer will inform all his followers that they will be able to follow it only on the IG of the famous brand and will convert his followers. Instagram Take Over is used above all in fashion, tourism and events. It works very well.

Shout Out that is sharing the image with tags of another Instagram account    

Sell IG ACCOUNTS: if you have many followers you can sell your account for thousands of euros or rent it

Sell  your  photos or the use of your photos through apps (I have made a pdf with the best apps tested by us click here)

These are the main services but there are also other methods to earn with Instagram.

If you have many followers you can work with affiliation programs and sell directly via Instagram.

For example I and other influencers in fashion use Like To Know the biggest and most influential affiliation program for Instagram connected to travel and fashion brands.  There are loads of apps that make your Ig shoppable, I have included the best in a pdf that you can download leaving me your email on

With Like To Know I can sell and therefore convert into sales what I wear in the shots, during my travels, etc... Like to Know is by Rewardstyle. There are other similar to Like to Know.

I hope that this post is useful. If I can help you in any way, please write me.

Get followers on Instagram is fun and stimulating if you understand how to do it.

I love my work, I love working with companies on Instagram. If you don’t have this passion – or the time to follow your profile – write me and I will be happy to help you. 

I have loads more information to give you so I am going to write a second post.


Samantha De Reviziis =)


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