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Doha: Where is Doha and why should it be the destination of your next trip

Doha , not only in Italy but in many other places they ignore the beauty of Doha Qatar, and this is the reason I would like to talk about it in this post.

Here I will talk about Doha Qatar. The things that are not to be missed, the weather and overall how I find myself in this beautiful place.

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Doha Weather

I left Doha in June promising that I would go back in September! It is already mid October and I haven’t been back. Little inconveniences! I had to postpone my trip to November because at the moment work has caught me here in Milano. You must know that the idea of opening this blog dedicated to my personal life, travels, in particular to fashion and Instagram marketing was born in this place: Doha.

Due to the fact I stayed there for four months last year, it came to my mind to write a post about Doha, and this year I am going back and forth. I practically live there.

Doha and the time change

Here a link with Doha’s real time.

For me that I am Italian, there is only one hour for difference. Isn’t that cool?

What is an hour? nothing! If you are one of those who love to sleep it could slightly alter your rhythm. I, for example, wake up early in the morning, around six. In Doha Qatar it is important to follow the sun. The strong light that there is in Qatar has thousands of colours and shades, but as you know the most beautiful things in life are always for a short period. Actually the sunset is pretty early it’s around five and then it gets dark outside.

Office working hours start early in the morning: my friend Harriet starts working at 7:00am. Everyone in Doha wakes up early and I think everyone goes to bed early too, there isn’t much going on in the Qatar nightlife, there are no clubs, life is really easy going. In my opinion it is a great lifestyle, you already know that I am not really a party lover. At the end of the post I will talk about my experience and how I spent my days.

I would like to tell you a bit how it is to arrive to Doha Qatar. So the Doha airport:

Doha airport and flights

Before going to Doha and getting to know the place, it is important to talk about its airport: for many it will be a surprise, but the airport that is located in that capital city of Qatar is the most luxurious airport that you might have ever seen and believe me I have travelled a lot, and never seen anything alike.

L’Hamad Airport of Doha, in 2015, was listed as the airport that had been instagrammed the most, this is also thanks to an enormous yellow bear that makes everyone go crazy.

doha hamad international airport
The Bear at Doha Airport

The feeling you have when you get out of the plane and into the airport, it seems as if you are entering in a huge hall of a luxurious hotel. The people who work at the Doha airport welcome you with golden carts, similar to those from hotels, to help you with your luggage. Everything is extremely modern, well the construction is not old at all.

L’Hamad airport of Doha is located a bit outside of the city center. From my house, in The Pearl of Qatar, at five in the morning, when I have to catch my flight back, it takes me maximum twenty minutes. On the other hand, when I go to Doha Qatar, I always arrive around 23:00, the amount of time it takes me to go home is double because of the traffic. This is something to take in consideration when you are planning on moving around: in Doha there is always traffic. This doesn’t bother me that much because I don’t have the license to drive there so I get to sit in the car listening to music and admiring the fascinating panoramic view of the capital city. There are lights everywhere: they come from the skyscrapers, the ones that look like little balls come from the boats that are in the ocean, the multicoloured ones come from luxurious yachts and so on.

doha city night
Incredible city lights in Doha Qatar

The scenario is always fun: the taxi driver, annoyed because of the traffic, me happy and dreamy at the same time with the music in my ears enjoying the ride. Right here I open a parenthesis: before I went to Doha the first time I followed a few bloggers or influencers from there and I didn’t understand why they always would post selfies and long videos from the inside of a car. Now I understand why! Because of the traffic!

what to do in doha

Things to do in Doha

After my long journey in Doha Qatar (four months to be more specific) I received tons of messages: ‘Hi Samantha, I am not sure if I should go to Dubai or Doha for my next vacation. What is there to do in Doha? Do you have any tips? Is it true you can’t drink there?’

In Doha there are so many things you can do. But before telling you all these things I would like to tell you something about what you CAN do and what you SHOULD do. Doha is a city with many rules and regulations (many of them, I like others not that much).


For you Italians who are reading this post, let’s clear the first topic that is in your mind due to your passion for wines.

In Doha you can’t drink, nor buy alcohol. You may do so in the hotel, but getting drunk in Doha isn’t something you should do. Going around drunk like many Americans and British do, I wouldn’t vouch for it. There are rules to be respected and those who don’t are shipped back from where they came from.

At this point a spontaneous question might come to your mind: why aren’t there any similar rules in Italy for the foreigners that visit our beautiful cities? How many times has it happened to you that you see Americans, British and French people even Arabs completely drunk, behaving in an extremely inappropriate way, behaviors that in their home countries is not even near acceptable? I close this small and sad parenthesis full of hope that the Italian government some day creates a rule for this. We Italians are famous for the ‘Beautiful Life’ but we don’t go around drunk on the streets, running behind girls, so we don’t like that foreigners come to our country and do this while we behave properly in their hometowns. At least I do so.

how to dress in doha

How to dress in Doha ?

The dress code: this is a topic more for women.

Women from Doha Qatar wear burkas. There are those who wear burkas without covering their faces -which in more technical terms is called chador or niqab – and those who wear the more conservative one.

Burkas are extremely beautiful. Women from Qatar are very elegant and their veils are all embroidered. There are no classical cuts to be precise some of them have flounces, others have ruffles, others have black embroidery on black fabric and others black sequins also on black fabric.

What to wear in Doha?

We foreigners don’t have to wear a veil, but our garments must not be revealing, nor scandalous: no miniskirts, or shorts, or plunging necklines.

The ideal is to wear long dresses or skirts, long pants (not too tight), no low cut tops and I would recommend to keep your shoulders covered.

doha style


Here below a selection of garments which suit the Arab style of Qatar. Take a look at the gallery and click on the products you like the most.

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In Doha I dress more or less like in the pictures here below. Long skirts and white tunics. Many accessories such as necklaces, shiny earrings and golden bags. The colour gold is one of the dominating colours in Qatar. I love to overlap tunics with skirts as I did in these pictures.

I that work in fashion, and love to change outfits, these dressing limitations don’t really scare me. This impels me to be more creative to create an ‘Italian-Arabic style’. The Arab culture has influenced me. In Monaco this past summer all of my friends would tell me I look like an Arabian princess. Hahahahaha! They would as always exaggerate, but I must say that I took the best of their style and culture. I haven’t been the only one influenced by this.

When I think of the Arab style, the first things that come to my mind are: GOOD TASTE, ELEGANCE, CLASS, ELITE, SHEIKE AND SHEIKI.

Fashion designers are doing many garments, thinking of the Arabian market. If you have a look at Valentino, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana they have many dresses inspired in the Arab world. It is also true that in China and Russia, being in crisis, the Arab market is the most targeted one at the moment

the arabian style


When I arrived in Doha for the first time, I thought I had been transported to a set from a movie: women with black dresses, hand in hand with their husbands who were dressed all in white and wearing some sort of crown made with white fabric. My Arabian friend, my best friend that lives in Doha, always gets mad at me because he says I am fixed with Arabs. This isn’t true! I just can’t take my eyes off them.

For us westerns, it isn’t usual to see couples walking around the city holding their hands dressed only in black or white.

Immagine to be walking in an Oasis where love and calm reigns, where nobody shouts or makes rude gestures with their hands, where there is no criminality, where there are many kids smiling and having fun, parents walking nearby some holding hands.

And then there are those traditional garments. Men wear a white tunic called Kandura, it is calf-length and on their heads they wear a kind of long scarf, rectangular folded into a triangle and worn in different ways, on which they accommodate a round crown. They all look like princes. Women wear traditional long black dresses made by designers from the place, some rich of embroideries but always in colour black. Their faces are covered with the burka, but not all women’s faces are covered. My opinion is that the elegance in this place is indescribable.

Arabs are extremely proud of their culture and their religion. They are really social people, elegant and they have a good character. And they love children with craze.

The black tunics that Arabs wear don’t even have a wrinkle, I have no idea how these are ironed but I must say that they are really, really good at it. The inhabitants of Doha have great posture: they walk with a straight back that makes them look extremely classy.

Okay, I am extending the clothes topic of Arabs a bit too much, but what can I say I love this topic.


qatar tourism

Things to see in Doha

What are the things you should see in Doha after landing here and already being all dressed up?

One of the main attractions is the old city center Souq Waqif, a pedestrian island that has been completely restructured.

Souq Waqif is a Turkish-Arab medina, full of alleys that branch out and reveal beautiful squares. Fabric shops, jewelers and small bars where you can have something to drink.

You may visit by day and by night, maybe you can go for dinner in the most typical restaurants and then walk around the beautiful alleys.

Always in Souq Waqif you can do a little shopping, especially in the Gold Market or in the spice market.

doha qatara souq waqi
Qatari love falcons, there are many shops with beautiful falcons
doha qatar
Me in Doha, as you can see I am wearing a long skirt and a covering shirt

Another thing not to miss is the Islamic Cultural Center Fanar to understand better this rich and complicated culture. With this same approach you have the Islamic Art Museum, which is located on the sea, a place where the young crowds get together during the day. If you go to Doha Qatar you can’t miss this Museum. It’s one of the most beautiful ones in the world.

I love walking, so I have to recommend the Corniche Doha, the most famous seaside in Doha, that passes by Doha’s old port and offers one of the most incredible views from the capital city of Qatar. Here you can admire the modern skyline of the city: all the lights, all the skyscrapers forms are incomparable especially at night.

Surely less poetic, but extremely interesting for shopping addicts there is the mall: City Center Shopping Mall. Here you will find milder temperatures, considering that Doha is humid and hot. There are many international brands and Arabian jewellery boutiques and much more. You have to pass by this place even if it is only to see what the Qatar market offers.


In Doha it is a must to go to the Islamic Museum of Art: which on its inside has an extremely valuable collection, culturally and artistically, with paintings from all over the world. This art project was started and developed by the Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and the Sheika Mayassa Bint Al Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani in 2008. The architectural structure of the MIA was made by Leoh Ming Pei -the same one that made the Louvre in Paris- who in only a few years constructed this splendid structure that is located on an artificial island in the gulf of Doha. The museum looks like it emerges from the sea.

The construction is majestic: white cube stones, one over the other, a perfect geometric structure that finishes in a centric tower.

The MIA has on its inside the biggest handmade collection of Islamic paintings, and all spread out in a three level construction. The most famous art pieces are without any doubt the fabrics and rugs, although the museum contains so many other objects related to science and studies – did you know that Arabs were big astronomers in the Medieval Era?- up to arms and majolica.

In less than 10 years the Islamic Museum of Art in Doha has become the reference point of Islamic culture in Qatar and the entire world.

The building has 5 levels, other than containing an art collection there is also the Alain Ducasse restaurant of Doha, a renowned French chef, from whom I will speak more about when I talk about my favorite restaurants.

More than an artistic reference point, overtime the MIA became a meeting point for the Doha society.

Opening Hours: Monday to Wednesday (10:30-17:30), Thursday (12:00-20:00), Friday (14:00-20:00), Saturday (12:00-20:00) and Sunday (10:30-17:30).

Tuesdays closed. Free entrance.

doha shopping


Something that isn’t missing in Doha Qatar are luxury shops and department stores to go on a shopping spree.  My most beloved destination is Fifty One East but this isn’t the only stop.

Fifty One East

Fifty One East is a must go place to do shopping even more if your are interested in JEWELLERY: it’s the favorite department store of the people who live in Doha, where you can find the latest fashion collections and not only this there is also a space dedicated to music, technology and a beauty department. Arabs love precious stones, gold, silver and everything that is precious, Fifty One East is the most important department store in the world for jewellery.

Here you will find brands such as Diane von Furstenberg, Manoush, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Hervé Legér and many others. It’s the luxury temple for those who live in Doha or come for vacation.

The Pearl Qatar

From The Pearl it is better that I speak later on, but in the meanwhile you need to know that there are many beautiful shops for the savage shopping lovers. By the Croisette you can find Blumarine, Agent Provocateur (an exclusive lingerie line), Vera Wang, Pal Zileri, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani and Alexander McQueen.

City Center Doha

As I mentioned before, one of the most important malls from Doha Qatar is the City Center Doha, on the inside you will find many international brands and also Arab boutiques. You should definitely take a stroll here to find gifts to bring home or to buy something that reminds you of Doha.


A small village not too far away from the city center where you will find many different shops, restaurants and recreational activities for the entire family. People go there looking for a relaxed shopping afternoon: you can find everything here, from home shops (Zara Home, The One), to lingerie and accessories (Armani Exchange, Banana Republic, Geox).

Not as luxurious as all the others, but a great place to buy any garment with not too much fuzz.

Baaya street, Al Waab here you can find the link!

qatar nightlife

What to do in Doha by night?

As I said before Doha by night, there isn’t much nightlife: the only places to go are the hotel bars, where drinking is pretty expensive. In some bars they don’t even sell alcoholic beverages.

But if you are looking for a fun evening you can try out the bars and clubs inside from hotels, like the one inside of the W Doha Hotel & Residences – il Wahm Lounge Doha or the Crystal Club.

Also the Ritz Carlton has a bar inside -the Level 23 one of the most luxurious on the 23rd store- while the Grand Hyatt Hotel has the Hyatt Beach.

Besides the nightlife, which is different from the western nightlife, in Doha you can go to the beach -the private ones- you can go shopping and obviously dedicate your time to more cultural activities. Furthermore the culinary experience in Doha is also great, in a very short period of time, the capital city of Qatar became a destination for all the foodies from the Arab world and for foreigners.

doha qatar nightlife


the pear of qatar doha

The Pearl of Qatar – Where I live when I am in Doha

In Doha I sleep in a beautiful and big apartment in The Pearl of Qatar, one of the most beautiful areas in Doha. When I don’t sleep at The Pearl I stay at the W Hotel.

Here below the pictures of The Pearl of Qatar.

doha qatar samantha de reviziis
This is me at Porto Arabia The Pearl
doha qatar
Here I am on the terrace where I always have breakfast at The Pearl of Qatar
doha samantha de reviziis
Breakfast at the Chocolate Bar with my best friend, who took the picture
doha the pearl of qatar
Here I am on the taxi at The Pearl
doha samantha de reviziis
On the Water Taxi (it is really cool, I highly recommend to try this)
porto arabia doha
The Pearl of Qatar artificial island, the orange building is where I live
the pearl qatar doha
The beauty salon where I get my hair and nails done
doha qatar
Here I am walking towards my Water Taxi on the artificial island

My apartment has an astonishing view, in the building there is a pool, a gym and a playground for kids. If a light bulb burns out or any other problem I can call the concierge that will immediately send someone to fix the problem. When I go grocery shopping I can leave the bags in the lobby and they will bring them up to the room. The same is for luggage and the mail that arrives.

It is a 5 star service. It is just like going to a Hotel. The only thing that is a bit strange is that the dog can’t that the elevator with me. I took Emilie, my little toy poodle, but lets say that dogs aren’t loved as much here as they are in America or Europe. They even wash dogs where you park your car hahaha =)

The Pearl of Qatar is an artificial island formed by twelve extremely luxurious areas, look at this beautiful picture of The Pearl shot in the evening.

the pearl of qatar

My favorite areas of The Pearl (The Pearl of Qatar) are

Porto Arabia – Viva Bahirya The Pearl – Qanat Quartier The Pearl – Mediana Centrale The Pearl


doha map qatar
I took from Google Maps the map of The Pearl Qatar so you can see my favorite areas

Porto Arabia The Pearl, where I have the apartment, is a luxury residential area, very elegant and in the heart of The Pearl. Porto Arabia has the shape of a semicircle that also has many luxury shops such as MMissoni, Dsquared2, Hermes, Etro Home, Santoni and restaurants such as Megu Japanese restaurants which is a two story place with a breathtaking view that has exquisite dishes. Kran is a Chinese restaurant which is also great (I liked it so much that when I went there for dinner I decided to do a shooting). Here below you can see the pictures.

doha the krane
At Krane
krane doha samantha de reviziis
krane doha samantha de reviziis
Here I was walking towards one of my favorite restaurants Krane
doha qatar
I am wearing a Dsquared2 dress for my dinner at Krane


krane doha samantha de reviziis
Chinese food at Krane , delicious dishes

Tabkha offers Arabic cuisine, it is EXQUISITE, only thinking of it my mouth waters and I can’t wait to go back.

Viva Bahirta The Pearl is the perfect district for sporty people and family, surprisingly GREEN, incredible, but in Doha they managed to have gardens with beautiful flowers. A really chic and modern area. I visited when it still was an area under construction, but in Doha they work day and night, so they must have already finished it. I can’t wait to go back and see how it has evolved.

Qanat Quartier The Pearl is a small district that might remind you of Venice. There are pastel coloured houses -blue, pink and yellow- bridges, canals and gondolas and there is a white beach. It really seems to be in Italy in our beautiful Venice and at the same time to be in a film.

qanat quartier the pearl
Qanat Quartier The Pearl, beaches in Doha
samantha de reviziis qanat quartier
Here I am in Qanat Quartier The Pearl
qanat quartier the pearl
Doha beach in Qanat Quartier The Pearl

qanat quartier the pearl

Medina Centrale The Pearl is the district dedicated to leisure and fun, it’s practically in the center of Porto Arabia, you can get there by foot. The movies are there with a VIP room which is super modern (I took a picture that I will share in the next post). You can also find many restaurants, luxurious car shops, there is a Harley Davidson shop, an enormous game room that is really cool, kettle corn with many different flavours, bars and more. Not every night -but almost- I spent time at Medina Central. This is the place where I get together with my friends during the day and during the night.

doha nightlife movies
Here I am the Medina Centrale Cinema
doha madina samantha de reviziis
Eating pop corn at Medina Centrale
doha nightlife
At Medina Centrale where I would go almost every night


doha beach


We have arrived to the chapter where I talk about beaches in Doha: unfortunately, there aren’t many of them. I haven’t visited that many, but in general, if you are in the mood for relaxing at the beach and have an umbrella to be in the shade you must go to the big hotels or to the Venice Beach Qanata Qatar, but to be sure to get a chaise longue and an umbrella you should arrive early. The beach is beautiful and the sand is white with a gold-ish colour and the water is extremely warm. You can swim at whichever time you like it is always warm and full of fish. (I think the fish have been added). Here an Instagram picture of me at the beach.

Do some hotels in Doha have a private beach? Four Seasons, Doha Marriott Hotel, InterContinental Doha and many others.

I often go to the InterContinental beach to tan and I must mention I like the buffet.

Anyways a great place to tan is Banana Island, it is just like the Maldives. I haven’t been able to go yet, but I really hope to go in Christmas… The thing is that to these kind of places you need to go with your boyfriend, and I don’t have one! Maybe first I should find one of those and then go =)

banana island resort
The island has the shape of a Banana

doha flights

Flights to Doha

Obviously, if you want to go to Doha one of the airlines I recommend the most it’s Qatar Airways, one of the best in the world, comfortable and with it’s luxurious first class. The Qatar Airways lands since 2014 at the Hamad Airport. It departs from Roma Fiumicino, Milano Malpensa and also from Venice. The flight is direct and the service on-board is fabulous.

qatar airways

Other airlines that fly to Doha -but you might have to change flight- these are Saudi Airlines, Pegasus Airlines – which has really convenient prices- EgyptAir  and Turkish Airlines (also their on-board service is really good, including the meals).

The direct flight to Doha take from 5 to 7 hours more or less, but if you need to change flights it will take you at least from 8 to 12 hours.

So going back to the best airlines that fly to Doha from Italy:

  • Qatar Airways (for direct flights to Doha)
  • Saudia Airlines
  • EgyptAir
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Other airlines that fly from Italy to Doha
  • Air Berlin
  • Etihad Airways
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Niki
  • Middle East Airlines
  • From other parts of the world like from the USA, England or China
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Air China
  • Air Canada
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways

food in doha

Where to eat in Doha, the best restaurants in the city

In Doha you are going to find all kinds of cuisine, Asian and obviously Arab.

Many renowned chefs opened a branch of their restaurants in the capital city of Qatar: Alain Ducasse, Gordon Ramsay and many others.

Here a list of the best restaurants of Doha, according to me.

  • PARISA restaurant it’s worth a dinner just to see. Please look this post about Parisa we took amazing photos 
  • IDAM. A restaurant on the fifth floor in the Islamic Art Museum, on the seaside of which I spoke earlier.  Here the cuisine is really elegant: Mediterranean with a french touch. The famous world-known chef Alain Ducasse is the cook behind these plates that will blow your mind. The interiors are really elegant and really interesting courses. Please remember to make a reservation before going.
  • MARKET by Jean Georges.  The restaurant is in the W Hotel on the ground floor. Here the menu is very extensive, with dishes from all over the world. I recommend you to go to the Friday brunch, a huge social event in Doha. The brunch is around 300QR and is FABULOUS.
  • YUM YUM Want to try some daring food? Then Yum Yum is the place for you. Here you can eat camel meat, yes you read correctly. Besides the general belief, not all the restaurants serve camel meat in the Middle East. Here you will find camel hamburger. Obviously this is not the only type of meat they have, you can find duck, and other meat types for all tastes.
  • LA GELATERIA FINA. A gelateria in Doha? Yes there also is one. It’s called La Gelateria Fina and when I am feeling nostalgic, I go and have an Italian gelato there. The Gelateria is located on the Katara beach, they sell many fruity flavours perfectly refreshing for the extremely high temperatures that Doha has.
  • LA MER (just like one of the most famous creams of the world, it is hard to forget) For an afternoon tea and just to take a break between walks and shopping sprees you can go to the Ritz Carlton with its beautiful view where you can see the harbour. Drinking tea here is incredible.

As mentioned before, if you are in The Pearl, you must try:

  • MEGU. This is a huge Japanese restaurant that has two stories, and a super view. I love it and even more because of the giant Buddha they have in the center, if the heat allows me to I like sitting outside and have a Japanese feast. Here you will find a traditional menu enriched with a contemporary touch.
  • KRANE. The Chinese restaurant of The Pearl is incredibly good. When I say that in Doha you can find almost every kind of cuisine, all really good, I wasn’t joking. Glamorous interior that embrace iconic elements and modern solution. The dishes are classical Chinese courses and from many different regions, presented in a very trendy way
  • AL TABKHA. For Arabian cuisine this is one of my favourites. As I have said before, I often ate here during my stay in Doha and it became a usual place to go with my friends. The offer Mediterranean, Arab and Lebanese cuisine. Try the lentil soup, the tabbouleh and obviously the Mezzeh, little dishes just like tapas.

Above I have published the pictures. I do have more. If you want to see them let me know! You can write and ask mw whatever you like, I will be happy to answer =)

doha accomodation


Sleeping in Doha? The city that contains many popular luxury hotels, for all kinds of comfort and that for many occidentals have accessible prices. I suggest to book here:


This is absolutely my favorite one. Their website speaks by itself, take a look at it. It doesn’t need much description. I hope to sleep there soon, I go there often for dinner. The pool is enormous I would say TOP and also I am in love with the huge wooden horse that you can find at the entrance. The atmosphere is unique, really you can’t not got there and visit this beautiful hotel. <3 I can see it from the window of my apartment always dreaming of living there someday. All the celebrities, including Anna dello Russo go to the Kempinski.

W Hotel

A beautiful hotel with modern interiors where the smallest detail has been taken care of. They have a big selection of rooms, for any price range 898 QAR up until 31,023 for the fabulous Suite Extreme. 898 QR is around 220 euros for a double room, so not that much if you check the hotel standards. If you don’t want to go out for dinner, you will find many places to eat something. La Spiga by Paper Moon and the Market By Jean Georges where you can go for the brunch that I mentioned earlier in the best restaurants in Doha. As written before when I go to Doha I stay at the W Hotel. It’s dreamful. At the Spa they have the latest massages and beauty techniques. The gym is incredible, it is full of top-notch machinery, the latest technologies. They have many restaurants and a meeting point for the Qatari and tourists that want to have a fun nightlife. Who wants to go out and have fun goes to the W. A few days ago, one of my favorite DJs, Bob Sinclair played there.

St Regis

If you can’t find a room in the W Hotel don’t go crazy just yet: another hotel that I recommend in Doha is the St Regis, elegant structure with its astonishing resort by the ocean, that every now and then organizes harp concerts by the beach: very luxurious.

The rooms are decorated in a very tasteful way, and almost all rooms have ocean view.

Here a 44 sqm room costs around 1.100 QR (270 euros more or less) but the luxury experience is priceless.

Sharq Village & Spa

Another beautiful hotel to visit, even if you booked another hotel, is the Sharq Village & Spa that has an extremely luxurious Spa where you can find yourself and relax. The architecture is very Arab and you will find waterfalls, a really big pool, massage beds and a fitness center for those who don’t want the laziness to kick in during vacation time.

I spent one week at Sharq Village & spa in Doha it was one of the best experience I’ve had in my life click here to see the photos  of me at Sharq.

Grand Hyatt

Also, this hotel chain offers great service: it is not extremely luxurious as the before mentioned hotels, but it is a good hotel in Doha, this for sure.

You will find double room starting at 170 euros.

the royal family of qatar


As you know Qatar is an emirate, which is a hereditary monarchy. The royal family here is Al Thani and it has been on the throne since 1825.

From 2013 the Emir in charge of Qatar is Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani (1980), son of Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and from his second wife Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, between all the wifes from the ex-emir she is the most known in the western world.

The fourth son of the Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad studied in Dorset, Great Britain and then continued in the military academy.

Tamim has prepared for his important role since 2003, working in various fields such as sports and politics with the West.

If Qatar and Doha are what they are today it is all due to the politics of the Royal Family Al Thani, who in recent years has brought culture and investment.

We owe to them the 1996 establishment of Al Jazeera, one of the most important channels of information in Arabic language, independent of political and religious interference.

A year later – in 1997 – the royal family promotes the right of women to vote; think that in other Arab countries is still a mirage.

For fashion lovers, then, Sheikha Mozah is a true icon of style and behavior.

La Sheika Mozah bin Nasseren

I love Sheika Mozah’s style its’ unmistakably unique and very recognisable. Here below a few pictures. I follow her blog dedicated to her style Sheika Mozah Fashion

The Prince of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani has had three wives and twenty four kids, eleven boys and thirteen girls: but in the world she is known as the:


A powerful woman in the Arab world is going to seem strange but Mozah Bint Nasser has held various important posts in Qatar and abroad. Forbes, not surprisingly, has included her in the list of the 100 most influential and powerful women of the world.

Princess of Qatar met her husband when she was very young, while attending the university, after the marriage took place when she was only 18 years old and even though she was already a mother, Sheikha Mozah graduated bringing culture not only in her country but especially to the royal family.

But the princess as well as being a pillar of the Arab society is also a fashion lover: Valentino, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier. But the strength of her style is to know how to mix Western clothes with her opulent and chaste Arabic style.

Sheikka Mozah had seven children

  1. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani who is the Prince now, here his Instagram Tamin_AL-Thani
  2. Jassim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani
  3. Joaan bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani Instagram Jo3An
  4. Khalifa bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, The prince who is the most famous on social media, here his Instagram: Khk
  5. Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani Instagram:Mbinh2022
  6. Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani  Instagram; Almayassabnthamad
  7. Hind bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani Instagram: Fan page

The princes that he had with his other wifes are many, so I have mentioned before a few and here I give you the Wikipedia link so you can see them all.

Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

As I said before, he is the Emir of Qatar. A charming man, as are his two parents, who knew how to make the most out of his education in Europe and that taught him the love for art, sports and urban planning in Doha.

Besides being an enlightened ruler Tamim heads the Qatar Investment Authority Board, the sovereign fund of Qatar investing for years in companies in Europe and beyond.

The current emir loves Italy so much to invest in football, tourism and urbanism. Do you think that many of the structures in the Emerald Coast in Sardinia are his properties, as well as the whole project of Porta Nuova in Milan.

Khalifa Bin Hammad

Khalifa is the brother of the son of Prince Mozha. All Araba and not only, are the madly in love with the prince, who, besides being as beautiful as his mother, has a great sense of style. He is very young: he was born in 1991, he loves extreme sports such as Paragliding, he owns various kinds of animals such as lions, tigers and falcons. When traveling, he moves all his extremely luxurious cars with him, Bugattis, Maseratis, etc… On social media he has many followers. But there are more and more fan pages of the little prince.

Qatar Foundation

Among the most important initiatives of the couple Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and Moza bint Nasser. The Qatar Foundation, founded in 1995. This foundation is one of the most important projects of the Sheikha: it focuses on education, science and research. One of the most important branches is on the development of new technologies.

Other topics the Qatar Foundation invests in are design and communication.

events in doha


You have to visit Doha for its beauty, but also for its important events in the luxury world, gastronomically and more.

Here there is one of the most exclusive jewellery fairs in the world: the Doha Jewelry Exhibition.

Last year the fair was held in February. Among the brands and jewelers from around the world that participated you could find Bulgari, Rolex, Chanel, Charles Oudin and many others.
Here’s my post to evidence the 2016 edition.

djwe doha samantha de reviziis
Iphone cover made in gold at the jewellery fair of Doha
djwe doha
djwe samantha de reviziis soha
Trying on some earrings at the DJWE Fair

djew doha qatar

Other important cultural events are the Souq Waqif Spring Festival that takes place on the streets with performances and music throughout the city. It gives you this magical feeling.

Food lovers should not miss the Qatar International Food Festival, which takes place on the grounds of the Museum of Islamic art with outdoor kitchens, chefs and tastings. Resuming, it is a delight for the palate. Usually this event takes place in March.

There are really many events that relate to their religion and culture.

whats going on qatar

Which is why I recommend visiting this website What’s Going on Qatar , this website is full of information about real time events, the most important ones, etc…

doha jobs


Many have asked me about this topic: jobs in Doha. Certainly for Italians and for western people it is not easy to move to Doha, mostly for cultural reasons, but if you find a good offer in Qatar, my advice is to go for it.

Me for example, also working here in Doha, I am opening a company. It is not the easiest thing to do, but it is fundamental to have an associate from Qatar. On the other hand, if you want to work for a company you just need a visa.

Here the work ethics are very important and you have to be a really focused person.

Those who work within offices will have difficulty working during the Ramandan, where all the work – even the easiest – is held for religious reasons. Work environments here are very international and therefore stimulating: going to Doha is to known for the Islamic culture, but not only.

To work in Qatar obviously you need a work visa and a sponsor just like in the US or in Australia: all the paperwork is generally paid by the company you are going to work for.

In Doha, I finished by accident. I can only say that I ended up there, or better said I was invited, thanks to a post I had written dedicated to luxury on another blog. As I always say the web opens a million doors. If you want to know what I really do check out my about page.

It’s a long story I try to avoid telling, which is why I will speak only of my experience and surely I will do many more posts regarding Qatar Doha.

I really hope that this post was useful to you. For any enquiries you are more than welcome to write, also follow me on Instagram. Every day I publish Instagram Stories, around five times a year I am in Doha, which means you will be able to see what I do and discover new places with me and this way I can show you the places in a way you can program your next perfect vacation in Doha.

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