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Finally I can find time to share with you the photos we shot this summer during a trip to the mountains in Ghigo di Prali. I already wrote a long post about Prali click here 

Ever since I was born I have spent part of my summer in that delicious village of Val Germanasca, best known for its “Thirteen lakes” reachable by a chair lift that from the 1450 metres at the base rises to 2460, on which, for I don’t know what reason I had personally never been. Clicking on this link you will find a post on Prali written when I had time to dedicate to the blog, rich with information on this delicious Alpine locality.

This summer we decided to take a brief holiday also to escape from the Milanese heat and we finally reached my beloved Prali choosing the August bank Holiday when there is the Great Market that attracts hundreds of visitors from everywhere, who joined with the  tourists to create a good amount of confusion to have their chair lift baptism..

Lunch at the restaurant “La Capannina”, a brief break on the terrace of the same from where you can enjoy a breathtaking spectacle with mountains all-round and then on to discovering the “thirteen lakes”.

The splendid day and the enchanting walk lead us, to shoot our photos, to choose unusual places and situations (check out the goats) that lead us, unbeknownst to us, far from the chair lift that at a certain time, now quite near, will end its course.

Panic! The idea of finding ourselves in an unknown place, high in the mountains, with the perspective of having to go down through pine trees and stones without knowing the way at all covering a drop of one thousand metres terrorized us more than just a little. Luckily all ended well. At the last moment we were able to identify the direction to follow to reach the station in time for the return.   

I hope that you liked the posted photos. We left part of our heart in those magic places. Sami

Photos: Matteo Volta 

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