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My favorite hotel in Paris The Saint James find my personal experience


There were two days left before my departure for Shanghai. I was going to start a work experience that was very important and challenging for me that required lots of energy and a strong dose of determination. Paris Fashion Week had finally finished and with her my rushing in and out of taxis to get to the fashion shows on time and for a while I had to turn off the alarm of my iphone and leave my diary in my bag. My pre-departure objective? Absolute rest! So I decided to dedicate two days to complete relax at the Sant James, embraced by the attentions of the hotel staff. As I am always travellng it’s hard for me to feel at home, but the customer experience I enjoy when I stay at the Sant James is really extraordinary. Politeness, kindness, care, quality and attention to detail, delicate and always refined food, are just some of the qualities I find in what I call  “my Parisian castle”. The two-floor suite where I stayed seemed like a dream, but it was real. At the centre of the bathroom there was an enormous tub to relax in and enjoy the moment completely. In the room, on top of the pearl grey satin sheets lay an enormous bunch of mimosa…The biggest I have ever got in my life. It was such a really indescribable emotion that I thought of eternalizing with a photo shoot with a romantic slant. The mimosa flowers that made up the bunch were sprinkled into the tub full of hot water, and then I immersed myself too.  

Body and soul fused in a unique solution. I reached the peace I was looking for, suspended from all the rest, freeing myself in the water and letting myself be rocked by the warmth the intense perfume that the mimosa gave off. 

I can’t wait to return to Paris in July for the haute couture and to stay at the Sant James to relive all these beautiful sensations and discover new ones.  


The Saint James Relais et Châteaux is a beautiful hotel of the French Capital where you can enjoy a stay in the pursuit of luxury and charm. Located at the heart of the city, it is a stone’s throw from the Arch of Triumph and Avenue Victor Hugo. Staying in this splendid Napoleone III style residence, redecorated as a very particular family house, means emersing yourself in a total feeling of calm and serenity, thanks to its many comforts, its marvellous garden and patio and its secular trees.

Before the French-American designer Bambi Sloan transformed it into a place where wellness and culture blend harmoniously, the structure held the Thiers Foundation, that hosted the most brilliant and deserving students of France.

The originality of the interior design blends different styles with harmonious mastery, reaching perfection and making each detail unique. 

47 extraordinary rooms, including Boudoir, Superior, Deluxe, Suite, Pavillon and 2 villas. And the gastronomic menu and exceptional menus of chef Jean-Luc Rocha, whose art spans earth and sea proposing delicious classic or modern dishes that are always surprising and refined. Worthy of note is the library bar, with its suspended and relaxed atmosphere where you can taste fine delicacies or savour a flute of champagne, whilst sharing your most intimate secrets.

La Spa, with its lounges, proposes exclusive treatments from the prestigious Maison Guerlain.


Saint James Relais Paris means home to me.

Every time I come to Paris for work or fun, I can’t not stay here.

A unique enchanted castle in the heart of the French capital where you can rediscover the sense of peace and quiet that is often missing. A location that is no less than fabulous, with great attention to detail that marries the elegance of the big Parisian hotels with the intimacy of a family hotel. The service is always impeccabile and the courtesy and professionality of the personnel are worthy of a prestigious hotel. 

I highly recommend you book your next stay in Paris here. 

On Instagram many of you have asked me where the Saint James is.

Here is the precise address: 43, Avenue Bugeaud 75116 Paris. 

Saint James phone number

The telephone number to contact the Hotel is: TEL : + (33) 1 44 05 81 81

To book or ask for information I suggest you call or alternatively send an email to: CONTACT@SAINT-JAMES-PARIS. COM


The refined cuisine of the chef is tasted in the splendid dining room inherited from the Thiers Foundation. It’s a really magic place where you can taste seasonal, light and appetizing cooking, proposed by the chef, awarded with the prestigious MOF (Best craftsman of France) and with one Michelin star. It’s gastronomic cooking with which you can taste refined dishes. I highly recommend the Menù Surprise.


Through the offer of treatments by Maison Guerlain, the Saint James Paris expresses its desire to make history a common ground: the history of excellence and incessant search for beauty are shared by the two houses and seal their alliance. The wellness centre proposes exceptional treatments: Impérial Orchid, Royal Jelly, Dédicace Guerlain, an exclusive of Saint James Paris. Treatments that perfectly satisfy the desires of the female and male clientele in the pursuit of emotion and sensuality. 


Pilù is the real King of the Hotel.

I am talking about the most famous cat in Paris.

Adored by the guests of the Saint James, Pilù is a real institution. 

A crow black ball of fur, he spends his time between  the garden and the rooms of the Hotel. 

Photos: Matteo Volta 

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