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Noto and the birth of Baroque

Noto is a wonderful area of Siracusa, in Sicily. The link between Noto and the birth of  Baroque is really prominent and you can admire it everywhere. That’s because in 1693 there was an earthquake which destroyed all the town, so politicians had a completely new downtown built in Baroque style. They chose the most qualified architects and artists of the time.

The signs of Baroque’s that you can find in that area are much more colorful and fancy than ones you see in other places of Italy.

Where to have breakfast in Noto

Having breakfast at Noto is a great idea! You can have it walking through Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the most popular street of the city, where you will find some beautiful confectionery. There are many typical products that you must taste. Some confectionery’s names that you have to ask for: mandorla, pasta reale, frutta martorana, torrone, mustazzuoli, facciuna, biscotti, cannoli siciliani, cassata, brioche alla ricotta, granita alla mandorla e schiumone.

A place where you can go to have breakfast at Noto is “Caffè Sicilia”. The most important Italian newspaper of gourmet criticism, “Gambero Rosso”, compares this cafe with some of most beautiful historical buildings of the city to explain the supreme quality of foods it makes.

Dining in Noto

Dining in Noto is a wonderful idea too! If you want my advice, the best choice you can make for dining there is caponata with local tomatoes, but before eating that you must to taste a very special Sicilian appetizer: arancini. Another typical food is ricci (sea urchins): at Noto, the seafood is totally fresh and you can also eat it without dressing.

I will list below some of my favorite restaurants to dine out in NotoAll of these are not so far from downtown.

  • If you are looking for an elegant location to eat, you have to go to “Manna”. It’s a not expensive restaurant and the quality of menus is superlative. Here you can eat sea snails, lampshades and anchovy burgers. Pasta is tasty too.
  • If you want to dine in a cheap typical fast food, the right thing to do is to drop by “Arancina Planet”: there you will taste some exquisite arancini with pistachio and speck, good sandwiches and fried products.
  • If you are visiting monuments in via Cavour and you don’t want to wait even a minute for your dinner, a special place to go is “Bedda Matri”. There you will eat perfect handmade pasta: you must ask for gnocchi al pesto. If you don’t want pasta, you need to try veggie dishes such as parmigiana alla siciliana or ricotta, with a good wine. The best dessert is in my opinion semifreddo alle olive.
  • If you want to eat some land and sea appetizers or pasta with seafood, the good place is “Mood Ristorante”, located in via Ducezio. This restaurant is really cheap and you will eat much more than you are expecting to. The top fish dish is pesce spada in crosta di pistacchio, that is to say sword fish in pistachio crust.

… And now, have a good dinner in Noto!

samantha de reviziis noto sicilia

samantha de reviziis noto sicilia

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