Ortigia a flashback into the traditions

mercato di ortigia

The traditions of Ortigia amogst the Hellenic columns and everyday life

Ortigia: you can feel the history of Ortigia, an area of Syracuse, in the everyday life, walking through streets, eating foods, looking at buildings and the columned structures. Many witnesses demonstrate that this history is closely linked with the Hellenic colonization: also the Greek historian known as Tucidide talked about that. A very suggestive testimony is represented by columns of tempio di Apollo. You can see this temple by walking through Ponte Umbertino, at the beginning of Ortigia: in this way you’ll see two very beautiful things together, Umbertino bridge and Tempio di Apollo. Umbertino bridge is in fact a very romantic place: my advice, you have to see it after sunset, when everything will be more folkloristic and dreamier then ever.

I had my vacation in Ortigia some months ago and I discovered that this place is the most ancient area of Siracuse; it was the heart of the city for political and religious activities in the Hellenic age.

What to visit in Ortigia 

Here we are, I’m talking about Ortigia and I feel like I’m there again, losing myself in the streets and traditions. Life of the city revolves around piazza Duomo, where there’s the most important cathedral in town, il Duomo. Piazza Duomo is located at the highest point of Ortigia and its architectural structure is like a jewel made 2400 years ago.

All the historical attractions of the town are not so far from this square: Ortigia’s area is extended over less than two square kilometers. For example, not so far from Piazza Duomo you will find Tempio di Apollo, located in Piazza Pancali. It’s the most ancient temple in town and it has undergone many changes over the years.

You have to visit Castello di Maniace too, it was built in the Swabian age in Syracuse, and Fonte Aretusa, a very beautiful reflected pool where the legend of Aretusa and Alfeo was set.

But now let’s talk about one of the most folkloristic things in the city: Ortigia Market in Syracuse. In this place, you’ll feel the real soul of the town and purchase fresh fish and fruit. If you are hungry, along the way you’ll find some street fast food where you  can buy some typical foods like cartocci fritti, ostriche and ricci marini. My advice, you have to taste citrus fruits too: they are fantastic!

Photos of the fish Market Ortigia

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