How to dress for fashion week

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How to dress for fashion week. How to dress for fashion weeks. My advise could seem banale but it really isn’t:

  • Be yourselves

Being yourself isn’t easy. Actually it’s really difficult when you are getting dressed also for the photographers that you will meet in front of the shows and that lots of people will judge you on how you dress.  

Watch the video of my fashion month and read my post

  • Stage fright  

That’s exactly how I felt a week before the shows. As I don’t live like many other influencers, only from what I wear (there are influencers that change look as much as 5 times a day), for me the outfits that I wear to shows come second or third (or even forth). I am more focused on the project that I have to develop during the shows and on my clients.

I made the huge mistake at first of expecting myself to imitate many other influencers, wearing several looks in the same day. Then I understood that I was mistaken and that it was better to follow my style that is not considered chic by the cheap world of fashion. Luckily,  because I have never wanted to be a fashion victim and I particularly love my own style. 

I ended up with my living room full of clothes that had nothing to do with my style, my bedroom completely covered with diverse clothes that I would never have bought if I had been more lucid and my wardrobe was set to explode. My fake fashion friends bombarded me with messages like:

• NO

• Are you sure?

• I am begging you wear gym shoes with ripped tights and fur…

• You can’t go like that

• You are not fashionable

• Honey, your look is cute…but…

They basically freaked out. Then I met a special person that set me back on the right track (you know those chats that unexpectedly change the game?) and I found myself again. And so I left for the fashion weeks leaving most of the looks I had planned, not caring less about what I would wear.

So I preferred the things that make me more confident, that make me feel good like fur, leather trousers, shirts, gym shoes etc…

How to dress for fashion week 2017: the rule

The secret is: predict trends following your personal style.

It’s doable but to do it you have to really believe in yourself, do a lot of research. Don’t care about who is photographing you and who isn’t outside the shows, don’t listen to the advice of friends, colleagues etc…

Count only on yourself and your instinct. I counted on my stylist and a friend but I didn’t wear everything they advised me: only the things that were close to my style, that is not highlighted in the photos because I didn’t give my best but my outfits were quite successful anyway.

Here below is part of the press: a gif with the photos that came out in the most influential magazines of the world.

How to dress at the fashion weeks 2017: organize 28 looks

Four fashion weeks means organizing one look a day for 28 days. So 28 looks to which to add those of the events and various parties. If you are a stylist it’s a piece of cake, but if you are not…

I would advise prepararing looks in this way:

Get pen and paper, make a plan







Insert the name of the brand and the garment so that you can remember everything. Pack your case following the looks so when you arrive at the hotel you can just follow your plan.

Usually when I arrive at the hotel I send everything to be ironed and then I organize the looks like in an inventory so I don’t lose or forget anything. In the past I really did lose everything.

How to dress well and fashionably

Dressing well is important not so much for who is watching you but for yourself.

Think about it for a moment: have you ever dressed in the wrong way so you feel so uneasy you don’t want to meet anyone nor even say hi to a friend you spot from afar in the street?

But with the right dress you would have certainly stopped to say hello, wouldn’t you?

For me dressing well means this: thinking that the looks are only a means with which to feel at ease anywhere. Confident, strong and able to face anyone you meet giving the best of yourself.

The next shows for me will be Alta Moda and Haute Couture: I will certainly face them differently. Relaxed and sure of myself

And here a cool gif of all magazines shared my photos (to see more click here)

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