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Benefits of playing sports samantha de reviziis
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Benefits of playing sports, it has changed my lifestyle and my mind completely

Benefits of playing sports. The first post I would like to dedicated it to sport and its benefits.  Sport is what gives me balance, improves my constance in doing things. I am not always constant. To be honest I have never been, but I am now and I have been for about a year. I become constant when I do something that gives me results step by step. Sport gives me constance because as I exercise I see the results and so the stimulus to practise grows in me.

How many of you have started a sport or simpy going to the gym full of enthususiasm and given up after two weeks or thereabouts? It has happened to me in the past but I have found how to build character through sports, improving constance and will power. And this is exactly why I decided to write about benefits of playing sports , so you also get motivated.


Before speaking of how to be constant I want to tell you my personal experience.

I am 30, actually 31. Very often I travel, so much so that it makes me think sometimes that I have the life of a flight attendant. I have even done crazy trips like: from Monday to Friday in China and then from one Saturday to the next in America, then come back to Italy and leave again almost immediately for another destination.

When I travel, as well as having to always look good because often I work with my image,I have to organize the people that work with me (photographer, account manager, make up artist), have meetings with clients on location, present projects, make videos and much more.

To keep this rhythm up I need to do sport. Not a sport that makes me even more tired than I already am. A sport that helps me psychologically and strengthens my body. I can face tiring and stressful days building character through this is one benefit of playing sports.

I do sport because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be toned, I would not feel good in myself and I would be bloated because of all of those flights.

benefits of playing sports there is who

Some people throw themselves at food as if it were their last supper, only to look at themselves in the mirror after and say ‘Ok! Now you have stuffed yourself, go to the gym and kill yourself with sport’ and then give up nearly straight away or after achieving the first results.

Some people do sport in the wrong way.

I have friends who complain they have fat calves and continue running undeterred on the treadmill for hours hoping that their legs will thin out (but the opposite happens they swell) but their conscience is clear because they have been to the gym.

Some people diet, invest in personal trainers and then drop their diets after achieving the first results because anyway there is the trainer… I have heard these phrases a thousand times: ‘I eat pizza and ice cream because I can always go to the gym later and …’  

And then there are those who think they never have time! If you really want to, you can find the time…

I could go on for ever….

As I always say: where there’s a will there’s a way!

Participating in team sports helps to develop good character, this also is another benefit of playing sports. To improve will power and be more constant you have to be stimulated. Set yourself objectives, “dream”.

Dream to be super beautiful 

Have you ever listened to music and imagined scenes that you woud like to see? Have you ever wanted to go to the beach with a head-turning physique? Or wear those skinny jeans or that particular miniskirt?


Set yourself objectives without losing sight of these images:

  1. Look for muses that have beautiful bodies and take them as inspiration.
  2. Make a playlist of music that helps you to get up in the morning when you don’t want to and that gives you the right energy to face the day. Give it all you’ve got. Where there’s a will there’s a way, believe me.

I love setting myself objectives, even visual ones.

At one moment in my life I wasn’t taking good enough care of myself: I was bloated, untoned, I even had blemishes, etc … I became jealous of my friends who had beautiful physiques. Then, one day, I took photos of the models I liked most and stuck them to the wall. My objective was to have a beautiful physique. Obviously becoming beautiful like the top models was impossible but I wanted to improve my physique as much as possible, to feel well. On my goals wall (I have a wall full of posters, photos and collages that represent what I want to become) there are still photos of models, or very beautiful, half naked girls. It looks like the wall of a horny teenager. HA HA HA

On the wall I also have phrases like BALANCE, STRENGTH, CONSISTENCY… all objectives that I would like to reach and bring into my life.

Effectively, the photos and the goals have stimulated me to improve and helped me to understand the importance of sports in our life and also all the benefits of playing sports, going to the gym even when I didn’t want to at all.

And now I will tell you about my experience and my strategies for being constant in sport and everyday life.

The Benefits of playing sports in my life

Up to the age of about 28-29 I could travel without ever sleeping, eat and drink what I liked, work impossible hours without ever getting fat or bloated. I was lucky mother nature gave me a good body.

Then when I hit 30 everything changed. If I take a plane, after the flight, I swell imemediately. I started getting stretchmarks, putting on weight, having cellulite and so on. I have lost tone and I have to work twice as hard to keep in shape.

Before I was not constant because, as I already had a good physique, I didn’t think the benefits of sport were that important.

Turning 30 I had to take a different path. One that would change my life. A route that changed me, improved me not only physically but also mentally and as if by magic it all reflected positively on my work.

My body was different, this is what I noticed. I didn’t like what I saw but instead of facing the issue, seriously and may I say intelligently, the solution opted for was hiding it.

I looked at myself in the mirror less, I made myself up a lot and focused on my face instead of on my body, which I tended to cover. I found comfort in fatty foods like sweets, fries, etc.

I went to the gym doing basic exercises hoping to lose weight and tone up, I adopted the DIY diet without getting great results, wearing baggy clothes like flared skirts, tracksuits with shapeless pants was my solution. I gave up weighing myself, in the morning I loafed around longer and my first thought, as I soon as I got up, was what to have for breakfast.

I decided to confide in a personal trainer who worked with me, for about a year, making my legs big from developing my muscles too much.

I continued spending time and money on my body without really facing the problem.  (A Nightmare) 

Only after a year was I able to understand how to be constant in sport and in everyday life, how to improve my will power, how to feel beautiful and strong every day without great sacrifices.

samantha de reviziis benefits of playing sports


Use your mind. Think, then act immediately. Immediately!

I stopped and I understood that I would have to change my habits.

change habits

Benefits of playing sport: your life improves

Changing habits is fundamental if they are harmful.

  • Here are the harmful habits I had to change.

I admit that I hate public tranport, pedestrians and bicycles. Until a year ago I used the car or taxis. Walking wasn’t even a topic spoken about. On top of everything I loved coming out of the supermarket and devouring a pack of nuts in my car (like I hadn’t eaten for months).

Talking of eating, I did it at the speed of light, practically without chewing =) I went to the gym and I never did lengthening or stretching, I pumped and pumped my muscles toning them and grossly enlarging them. Another great idea I had at the moment was going to the gym every day, for weeks, only to give up for months. Which is why I dare to say that I do know the YOYO effect better than anyone.

A very intelligent pyschologist told me “You Samantha are like a light switch, you turn off and on…you lack consistency”. I put on kilos and I lose them, then I put on more and lose less…I was living badly and it was all reflecting on my work and on the few good intentions I had. I made resolutions, then gave up, then started again and so on.


  • Walking is something I hate to do, people in the street etc.. Now I walk to Yoga at 6 in the morning, three times a week (a 45 minute walk). No-one is on the streets. I turn up the volume of my music and so I walk quickly and get myself pumped up for the Yoga lesson.
  • I made myself a playlist of really cool music: the first song that I listen to in the morning is STRONGER by Kanye West. (I Love Kanye)
  • Yoga? I always knew I should do Yoga. But I didn’t like Yoga because I never got into it and I didn’t know the benefits it would bring me. Lesson after lesson I noticed a clear improvement in posture, breathing, psychology and much more. At the end of the lesson I felt full of energy, ready to face the day and I had a really strong feeling of interior balance.  
  • Yoga teaches you to love, love your own body and as a consequence everything changes, but I don’t just do yoga, I also do pilates on the bench, once a week.  
  • I did Yoga privately for some weeks then I became independent, so when I travel for work I can do Yoga, even when alone in the hotel or I am staying in.
  • I started to see a different me in the mirror. More beautiful. I started weighing myself more often. At the gym I don’t wear wide pants anymore but really tight playsuits, bodies etc.. The moment I started to love myself everything changed.  These are the benefit of playing sport =)
  • Now when I leave the supermarket I don’t stuff myself with nuts any more. I savour every meal slowly, like normal people. In my mind everything has changed.

If you see yourself beautiful you think thin, this is the key to self confidence in sport psychology. Thinking thin means always being aware of what you eat and helps you to enjoy what you eat.

Crash diets instead are really bad for you, forced diets make you think constantly about what to eat or not; and in this way you stimulate hunger more easily. Diets that exclude many foods cause this effect above all.

I am strongly convinced sport helps to balance yourself, this last one being another benefit of playing sports. Before I used to kill myself at the gym filling my schedule with exercises with weights or stuff like cross fit and as a result I was always hungry, so I ate everything, I had too much adrenaline and was too tired after the lesson and my body was much chunkier.

In my opinion the best solution if you really want to do sport with weights, etc. In the gym all you need is to do lots of stretching or gymnastics for muscle lengthening.  

Seeing yourself beautiful and setting goals for personal growth helps you to improve constantly every day and improving yourself can be mentioned as a benefit of playing sports

I hope this post benefit of playing sport has been useful for anyone who wants to change their life and thinks they can’t… And is looking for excuses that don’t exist.
Dreaming and doing what I see in my dreams.

This is my secret.

dream who you want to become


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Samantha De Reviziis

Photos taken by: Yana Khankhatova

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