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Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is my favorite place where I love to go every time  I go to the Danish Capital.

Tivoli Gardens or Tivoli Park: call it as you prefer, for me it will always be Tivoli. Every time I go to Copenhagen I go on to my friends asking them to go to Tivoli gardens. The park is only open in spring and summer. In winter time I love eating at Nimb, the restaurant located inside the park and is full of beautiful light features.

I love the atmosphere it’s like being in a beautiful fairytale.

If you don’t know Tivoli it’s a big park with the oldest playground in history. It’s a huge vintage playground, full of woods: looking at a Tivoli Gardens map you can see there is a lake, beautiful peacocks, rides, restaurants and oriental and esotic buildings inspired by China. There is a Chinese style pantomime theatre (the theatre was the home of Italian pantomime) and all types of attractions. Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen is in the heart of the Danish capital, exactly opposite Copenhagen Hovedbanegård central station.  Exactly you can find it here I liked the Google Maps point.

The structure of the park has remained more or less identical as it was when it first opened on the 15 of August 1843. Obviously it has been restructured over the years and many things are still evolving without however neglecting tradition and the magic atmosphere.

Yes because the atmosphere of Tivoli really is magic.

  • Walt Disney, speaking of his park, inspired by Tivoli Gardens Denmark, said “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world”
  • Georg Carstensen in 1844 affirmed: “Tivoli will never be completed”.

tivoli gardens

I bet who are wondering if Tivoli Gardens tickets are free. No, they are not.

How much does Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen cost?

The average Tivoli Gardens price is the equivalent of about thirty euros. I can’t be sure of that you’ll have to check out the exact exchange rate. The rides and restaurants are not included in the price. Each restaurant is different. They all serve different food and some of the restaurants are even inside the rides.

Not all visitors of Tivoli Gardens go on the rides: some come for dinner, some to see the theatre or visit the exhibitions or displays on at the time. Loads of concerts are made here.

I have always really enjoyed myself. I can’t remember one evening that I have said: NO, ENOUGH, I’M TIRED, I WANT TO GO HOME. Often I this say when I am not having fun or worse still when I get bored.

If I were a boy on my first date I would take the girl to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

Unfortunately of all the Danish guys who have asked me out, not one has invited me to Tivoli. They have always taken me to high fashion restaurants that I care absolutely nothing for. I am romantic. And let me add: I hate trendy restaurants….I love typical restaurants, magical places that tell a story. In Italy we have loads of family run restaurants with magic atmospheres, that smack of love, of values. Like Tivoli Gardens.

If you are thinking of having a trip to Copenhagen to visit Tivoli I advise you to stay in one of the park’s two hotels: they are beautiful.

Tivoli has two Hotels, one in the park and one outside.

  1. The one in the park is my favourite: Nimb. It is very famous for its traditional Danish cuisine. The rooms: they are dreamy. The location is really convenient, as written above, the garden is in the centre of Copenhagen which means you have everything close. Copenhagen is liveable and easy to get around…
  2. Tivoli Hotel is in a very modern building, minimal, you can see the whole city the downside its far from Tivoli. It has gained fame for its sushi restaurant. I have often eaten there. I took some photos, you can see them below.


tivoli garden Tivoli gardens numb

As you can see they have some rocking chairs in the chill out area of the restaurant with views over the city. In the summer the restaurant can accomodate more people as they can use their terrace. In winter you can’t eat outside, it’s too cold, anyhow the Danish love staying on the terrace, despite the temperature of twenty below zero they drink beer or sitting down with a cover.  (Something that personally I would never do because I really feel the cold)

Mainly families with children visit the park, people who are mad about rides, tourists from all over the world, couples in love. Danes attracted by the exhibitions and concerts etc… All the world is there. I am Italian, a thirty year old entrepreneur and I go to enjoy the park, go on the rides and look at the exhibitions. I just love it.

gucci fur slippers

tivoli gardens samantha walking

Winter in Copenhagen and Tivoli Gardens opening hours

In winter the park is closed. As you know winters in Copenhagen are really cold. Really cold. Not only the winters, even autumn.

The park opens around the end of April and closes at the end of August or beginning of September, I suggest you book your holiday in Copenhagen in summer.

As you know I work in fashion. Often I like to take photos of my experiences and outfits.

I hope you enjoyed my photos of my outfit and my experience at Tivoli.

if you like the items I am wearing clic on the image below


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Love you

Samantha De Reviziis


All photos by Yana Khankhatova

Web site of Tivoli: tivoli.dk


Vesterbrogade 3

1630 København V

+45 33151001


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