Metropole Restaurant Monaco

Metropole Restaurant Monaco samantha de revziis at the pool

Metropole Restaurant Monaco the place designed by Karl Lagerfeld and the biggest and most delicious Tiramisu I ever eat in my life

Metropole Restaurant Monaco written like this it doesn’t say much: let me explain myself better. Metropole is the restaurant that is located inside of the Metropole Hotel in Monte Carlo. The Metropole also holds a shopping mall with many stores and coffee shops inside. Who goes to Monte Carlo goes to the Metropole Monaco shopping to buy things or just to grab a coffee or an ice cream.

The Metropole Restaurant Monte Carlo was designed by Karl Lagerfeld. You can also find information about it on Karl Lagerfeld’s site

The black and white colors, the shining pool, full of lights and floors with glitter are key elements of the designer’s style.

Dinner at the Metropole Restaurant Monte-Carlo, I must say, was my absolutely favorite from my entire vacation in Monte Carlo.

In summer the restaurant is outside located at the end of the pool, on the hotels terrace.

Click here to take a tour of the hotel and the restaurant, as if you where there. The web tour is too cool. 


Odyssey Metropole Restaurant Monaco photos near the pool rich of lights designed by Karl Lagerfeld

metropole restaurant monaco samantha de reviziis pool at metropole restaurant monaco

metropole restaurant monaco odyssey metropole restaurant monte-carlo the pool od metropole restaurant monte-carlo pool at metropole restaurant monaco restaurant monte-carlo metropole monaco shopping metropole monaco shopping restaurant monte-carlo



I love the light that there is in these photos at Odyssey the Metropole Restaurant Monaco. We shot around eight that is the best moment to take photos.

The atmosphere is magical; the service is great: you get pampered from the moment you arrive until you leave the place. At the exit they gave me a cake for my breakfast next morning. The waiters speak many languages and each one is cuter than the other. Maybe I could have kept this comment to my self, but why not write it if its true. The customer experience is excellent.

The dishes they offer are quite simple, delicate but exquisite. To get more information about the hotel and more precisely about the kitchen I recommend you to visit this site

At the end of the evening I had published the photo of the gigantic Tiramisu on Facebook and I wrote:

I swear I wont eat it all’.

The answer from my grandmother who knows me well was:

We believe you!’.

She was right: I ate it all. It was too good. Even thinking about it my mouth waters. If I had known earlier that the Tiramisu for dessert was so gigantic I wouldn’t have eaten appetizer, first and second courses and a side dish. I would have skipped one!

Here below the dishes I ate in my evening at the Metropole restaurant.

metropole monaco shopping samantha de reviziis




Metropole restaurant was a place I had visited before with my ex-boyfriend, but the evening didn’t go well because we broken up. Like in the movies. He stands up and leaves, just abandoning me there. But my memories of the Metropole restaurant ,  even If they where clouded by the ugly episode, remained positive because I remembered perfectly the beauty of the hotel and the exquisite food.

This summer instead, I was invited to go to the Metropole Restaurant Monte-Carlo by a friend, that moved to Monaco a little while ago. We had a delightful evening.

Many Monegasques go to the Metropol restaurant. So the next evening I decided to go back with my mother and her friends. And the next week I went with my photographer Yana who took the photos of our night.

Metropole Restaurant Monte-Carlo is a place that is really attentive to the privacy and confidentiality of its customers. When they saw me arriving with Yana, who obviously uses a professional digital reflex camera. They told me many times ‘don’t take pictures of our clients’ ‘do not disturb’ etc… We behave really well. We took pictures without showing any of their customers in the frames. Thank you to the team at the Odyssey Metropole restaurant for helping me to not disturb anyone.

I must share the Metropole resaurant on my page because its really worth it to go and try this restaurant, also the hotel. I will most definitely go back.

I can wait to go back to Monaco to go to the Metropole restaurant.

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If you’d like to read other posts about my vacation in Monte Carlo you can go in travels section of my blog and click on Monte Carlo 

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Samantha de Reviziis

Photos by Yana Khankhatova

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