My fashion month

My fashion week from New York to London, Milan,  Paris and Shanghai , told in a video. 

A few days before the beginning of the fashion week I started working with Grazia Arabia. I deal with managing the editorial plan of their Instagram account. I had been trying to work with Grazia Arabia for a year and finally it happened. 

My moment of exaltation lasted 0 seconds, maybe15. Just enough time to realize that the project that I would have to do was gigantic, that there were only very few days left before the start of New York fashion week and that the organization needed for this type of project varies from 4 to 6 months (and I had less than 6 days). I believe I gave all my collaborators a nervous breakdown, except for those that have worked for me for years and know what I’m like =)

The Grazia Arabia project? It’s about the Instagram account and relative cover of all the fashion weeks’ street style, special contents, shows, events plus increasing targetted followers.

From 4k followers the profile went up to having 15 k in just a month… not bad, huh?

And the Ig account has a really cool layout. We published nearly in real time.

I won’t deny that there were moments of real panic. I cried, fought, hated, detested the fashion establishment, but I really loved the project I was living, and that I am still developing. The most difficult thing for an entrepreneur is not creating a business or selling the service, but creating the team.  Talented, trusted, passionate people that support you to develop your project.

A bit before London Fashion Week I managed to create the work team I was looking for, with the right people. I am working with incredible people. And thanks to my team I can do what I am doing. 

I had already created the nerd part of my team: computer technicians, developers, and the creative part made up of many photographers, editors, but I was missing entrusted senior staff that I could count on and delegate most of the work too. The team is what has made me happiest. <3

Grazia Arabia has certainly been the most demanding project, but besides the strictly editorial part I am also constantly doing thousands of other things. The maxi led banner project that I still had to follow, despite fashion month, my Instagram profile – that I am continuing to build with love – and that I am monetizing selling special projects to fashion and luxury brands with Instasamy my social media agency specialized in managing Instagram accounts. Instasamy is in full development stage <3 Besides is down because shortly we will relaunch the new site (get ready, it’s going to be a bomb). And then, as some of you know, I also have a niche blog that still takes up a lot of my time.  

This fashion season has been tiring, but at the same time a dream. Every year, before the fashion weeks, I was tired because I couldn’t get invites for the most important shows like Dior, Chanel, Prada, Burberry and many others. Very few influencers take part in these shows. This year instead I was not just invited, but I had a very important role  =)

As I always say: never stop dreaming big <3

Those who don’t know this sector well will certainly watch the video and think “what fun Samantha is having”. It may seem all a game, but there is an incredible amount of work behind it all.

To plan all the accrediatations at the shows I had to turn to an external agency: do you have any idea what it means to organize the calendar for the four fashion weeks? Just in Milan there are more than 90 shows and 70 events; so we had to organize all the collaborations with hotels, drivers and all my outfits thankfully with the help of a great stylist, Sabrina Zotta, and my dear friend  Alessandra De Tomaso, practically turning my living room and hall into a clothes shop. 

And there’s more: organizing all the meetings with brands, managing the team during the shows: a street style photographer, a  photographer and video maker that could cover all the shows with me, without counting my photographer for my blog, Elisa the 24-hour graphic designer that edited all the contents from Milan; managing all my clients that obviously wanted to work with me during fashion week.

Plus I also participated developing projects with The One Milano, the new fair in Milan and Chic Shanghai the most important Asian fair. I didn’t stop for five weeks. I lost 4 kilos and I must have slept 4 hours a night. The editorial plans of Ig are usually delegated and then supervised by me, instead for Grazia I followed it myself every day, with a lot of love. 

My Instagram exploded with followers: from 110k I went up to 125k with an average of 2000 likes photos and 40 comments.

And as I said the Instagram profile of Grazia went from 4k followers up to 15k followers. I am very proud of the work done on the layout: it’s cool and we have had lots of compliments, and soon also the engagement will increase <3 I think that Step by step Grazia Arabia will overtake many fashion magazines;  we have had a downpour of requests for managing Instagram accounts also from multinationals.

I want to thank Brigitte Bonomi, editor in chief of Grazia, for giving me this possibility and for believing in me. And if you buy Grazia Arabia there is the street style by me with an interview with me. Thank you to all the sponsors that have invested in my ideas like Oh! by Kopenaghen Fur and many others. I will never stop thanking my team and all the people that are working with me. 

Tomorrow the Salone del mobile starts, followed by my participation in Shanghai Fashion Week and then I will fly to Doha for a month and maybe more <3 In Doha I will do a couple of VERY VERY BIG PROJECTS.


my fahsion month
Samantha =) fotografa Ekaterina Ignatova

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