The power of visualization

samantha de reviziis the power of visualization

The power of visualization or dreaming produces positive energy and attracts the right things 

The power of visualization  (for some of you it may seem silly but it isn’t). I visualize everything I want: constantly. I have even created a wall with images, colours, objects, article cuttings, pieces of material, everything I need to imagine clearly and in detail the scene of winning what I want.

Knowing how to visualize things, scenes, moments that you want is very important if you want to get what you want quickly and clearly.

Let me give you a practical example:

I am on the train going to a client in San Marino. Our contract expires next week. The aim of my trip to San Marino is to propose another project, so continue collaborating for another year and sell the project doubling the previous compensation.

I am writing this post, listening to music, but in my mind my third eye sees just one thing: the winning scene!

  • confirmation
  • budget increase 

Luck doesn’t come into it. It’s pointless saying: “I hope I will be lucky…” BULLSHIT.

The power of visualization samantha de reviziis
The Extraordinary Power of Visualizing Success that is changing my life day after day

You have to

certainly give your best in developing the project and that’s exactly what I did with my client. The product that I am offering is valid and liked.

keep focused on the goal, the scene!

I imagine the owner of the company saying: “Excellent job Samantha, yes we will confirm the contract and invest!” I imagine the scene as if it were real.

Imagining what you want is fundamental because it produces positive energy and activates the famous law of attraction. 

It is right to visualize, wish for, and focus on your goal but then you have to work. WORK HARD.

“Don’t answer to anyone, think only about your objective and fight!“ this is the phrase that one of my best friends repeats every time I “fall” and lose my way a little.

It’s not easy to keep your mind always super pro active, pro positive, but if you can you WIN.

I started this post on the train on the San Marino stretch. As I was getting on the train I got some bad news (that then we will transform into strength and positivity) but I wasn’t going to let negative answers ruin my day.

Now I am sitting on the train going back. The meeting went better than I felt. I AM ENTHUSIASTIC, HAPPY, SATISFIED and I can’t wait to communicate this great success to my grandmother and mother who believe so much in me <3

IF YOU BELIEVE IT, IF YOU WANT TO BELIEVE, GIVE THE BEST OF YOUR BODY AND MIND AND YOU WILL WIN. You need patience, things don’t come immediately, where you want, but you need to give time to time to build solid and long lasting ties.

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samantha de reviziis
Seeing what I want to accomplish (clearly)


at least that is my experience. From zero, without money and parents I am doing GREAT things.

I found this article on one of my fav magazine about The power of visualizing success, read it it is really good.

You can really transform your life!!

Ciao =)


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samantha de reviziis visualization
If You Envision It, It Will Come
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