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Grazia Arabia on Instagram Grazia Qatar is my new collaboration linked to fashion weeks.

Grazia Arabia, the most loved fashion magazine of the Arab world, is produced in Doha, capital of Qatar, one of the richest cities in the world. As you know Doha has become a second home for me. Clicking on Doha you can see all the posts published in the last few days.
This time last year I proposed a special project to Bianca Brigitte Bonomi, editor in chief of Grazia Arabia but it didn’t come off. A year has passed, I have done many many projects in Qatar, I structured myself and even opened an agency dedicated to Instagram. I reproposed the project to Grazia Arabia and it was approved. I made it, for me today February 3 a new challenge is starting.

Grazia Arabia the project

I will deal with covering all fashion weeks starting from New York, London , Milan and ending with Paris. During the shows I will manage the editorial plan on the Instagram of Grazia Arabia: @Grazia Qatar.
Today the Instagram of Grazia Arabia has 6k, together with my team we will make the account grow in followers, making creative content and following a well structured editorial plan. We will publish photos of street style, backstage video of the shows, the shows themselves and much more. But the project is not just online: I will also take care of the section of the special Fashion Week trends in the paper magazine.
I am not certain that websites will still exist in future or if they will have the same value they have today. I think that how Instagram is evolving it is more than enough to communicate a magazine or any other brand and I will be happy to show it with this big project.

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