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Souq Waqif Doha Grazia Arabia June 2017: Photos taken by Matteo Volta in the warm capital of Qatar

Souq Waqif that everyone calls: the Souq is one of my favourite places in Doha. When I go to the Souq I have dinner at the Damasca, a restaurant with traditional Arabian cuisine. As well as ordering the famous falafel that they eat for breakfast, I drink a mint juice with ginger and lemon. Absolutely delicious.

The Souq is a market, the oldest in Doha. The local Arab women do their shopping at the Souq!


At the entrance to the Souq Waqif Doha there are traditionally dressed local men pushing wheelbarrows. The ones that we use for gardening. The Arab women buy food, things for the kitchen, spices, clothes and the wheelbarrowmen follow them carefully and carry everything that the women buy in their wheelbarrows. 

At the Souq you can find anything. There is the gold street full of craftsmen ready to create any object you desire (gold costs less in Doha and it’s worth buying), new and old watch shops, there is the street for textiles and clothing where you can find shops with Qatar style clothes, or tailors ready tp make up something nearly on the spot and fine materials. 

The Souq offers a very wide variety of  Arabian, Italian and Turkish restaurants. One of my favourites is Parisa, Persian cuisine. As for sweets, if you like honey and pistacchios you are in the right place. All the sweets are made from honey and pistacchios. 

Falcons Shop is a shop for hawks.  They are real hawks and they cost from four thousand euros up, I made a video inside the shop that you will see in the next post. 

Well, now that I have told you something about my beloved Souq Waqif of Doha I will conclude leaving you this gallery of amazing photos that my beloved Matteo took. The photos have been published in Grazia Arabia June 2017 edition.


Foto Suoq Waqif Doha

Samantha is wearing Antonio Marras at the Souq Waqif in Doha for the editorial of Grazia Arabia June 2017 Issue

For more information about the Souq Waqif I suggest you visit the Visit Qatar website or read my post dedicated to Doha that I made when I opened my blog.

Photo: Matteo Volta

To see the editorial in Grazia Arabia 



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