Samantha in Milan published all over the city

Samantha in Milan published all over the city: I have always dreamt of seeing my advertising around Milan!

Samantha: first of all I really care to tell you that finally I got @samantha Ig account =) So on Instagram I’m not anymore @samnathaderevziiis but I’m just @samantha 

In the busiest squares of Milan and the fashion quarter there is the advertising of my Instagram @samantha on maxi led banners connected to wifi. The people who pass under the led banners with my advertising can connect to wifi logging in to a social network or leaving their email.

Watch the my video of my ad in Piazza xxv Aprile and here the video in Zona Moscova  (I was very happy sorry =)=)=))

I have not invested in advertising on the banners! No! It would have a crazy cost for my startup! I am a partner of this great project =) I have partnered with BS URBAN ADV. More precisely I deal with internationalizing and promoting the project strategically.

This advertising reaches about a million people a day! A million!

A million people every day see my advertising and that’s not all! A big part of these connect to the wifi line of the banner and some of these become my followers on Instagram.


Let me explain

it’s really cool!

Get ready, concentrate because this is the future of street advertising

The squares where my videos are shown are: (I admit that it is very exciting to see my photos and videos around the city)

  • Largo La Foppa  (250 thousand footfall daily)
  • Via Monte Napoleone (250 thousand footfall daily  )
  • Piazza XXV Aprile Milan – in front of Eataly (300 thousand footfall daily)
  • Piazza Gae Aulenti
  • MM San Babila

The added value of the banners is that there is wi-fi connected. Whoever walks under the advertising banners has the possibility to connect to the wifi of the banner leaving their email or logging into a social network. In this way we are able to collect sensitive data from the subscribers and target the passers by. Once we have got their emails we can send promotional emails or advise Ig pages to follow, in order to then convert them into active users

Who invests in street advertising will have a clear idea of the target of people that will see their advertising and will be able to convert the passers by into active users

Not bad!

In Italy everybody are talking about this project read here an article 

These are the photos we shared on the Maxi Led Banner

samantha de reviziis maxi banner a led milano

Samantha =)

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